How to Fill Your Events, Programs, and Online Community Through the Power of Personal Connection


One of the things I'm often asked is: 

"Do I need to build a list, create a community, and use Facebook Ads before I'm ready to enrol into high-end programs such as VIP Days, 1-Day Intensives and Platinum style programs?"

The answer?

Definitely NOT!

In fact, one of the most effective ways to enrol high-end clients is through the power of personal connection. 

In this week's Inspired to Greatness livestream I share my fave tips for reaching out to people you don't know through the power of personal connection.

Plus I give you the exact template for filling your live events, programs or building your online community in a ways that is simple, easily doable, authentic, and most importantly, non-pushy!


Ready to host your own high-end coaching and consulting packages or live events? Need help with that? I'm here to help!

Let's have a chat and see what we can do to get you moving forward more quickly and seeing the RESULTS you truly desire within the next month!

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Are You Going Through The Motions?

It's so easy to get stuck going through the motions.

Our days are full, our to-do list gets longer, and before too long we've spent weeks or even months running on the treadmill of business (and life) going nowhere fast.

It takes a certain type of business owner to break through that, to elevate themselves past the minutia and the busyness of it all.

However you must remember that your business is a place for creative expression. It's a place where you can show up and be 100% gloriously YOU. You can design it and live it in whatever way you choose. 

There are no rules.

So I invite you today to think about ways in which you can start to truly LIVE through your business. 

How can you inject more personality and joy into the work you do? 

How can you design it in a way that actually supports your lifestyle choices fully?

If you were going to do that, what exactly would it look like?

(These are great journaling questions by the way! So grab a cuppa, get snuggled up, and make it part of your weekly  "me time")

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Post in the comments and join the conversation at my Inspired to Greatness Community.

Let's go wild. Let those dreams rip. Start creating in 2017 in a way that makes your business totally ROCK!

...And if you need help with this let's have a chat. I'm here to help! 

<3 #InspiredtoGreatness

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50% OFF January Sale

Hey Love Bugs!

Yay! I'm excited to announce a massive 50% OFF my online courses.

These programs will be retiring. (Zzzzzz!)

It's time for something brand-spanking-new and FRESH, so it's your last chance to grab them.

Hurry, hurry, hurry...offer ends on 31st January!

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How to Get Out of a Business Funk

As women entrepreneurs who work from home it can be easy to get stuck in a 'business funk!'

You know the deal....

You sit staring at your laptop for hours without ever achieving anything.

Procrastination and distraction rule the day. The idea or doing housework or running errands suddenly becomes WAY more appealing than actually doing some work.

Perhaps the inspiration has dried up, or you're stuck in indecision about what to do next. In the worst case scenario you may be literally paralysed with fear and doubt, unable to move forward.

If that's you don't be hard on yourself. It's actually very common. We call it...

'The curse of the entrepreneur!'

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5 Guiding Rules to Win 2017

I know that time is your most valuable commodity!

So I've been thinking about how I can bring you heaps of value and juicy content that makes this blog a guilty pleasure - something that you're dying to read every single week! 

So without further ado, I'm excited to announce my weekly Inspired to Greatness livestreams.

Each week I'll be go deep into a specific topic. I'll also take time to answer your questions.

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Ready For a Fresh Start & New Beginnings in 2017?

I hope you've all had a wonderful festive period and you're ready to kick things up a gear in 2017?

Who's with me?

For me, the past few weeks have been a process of letting go, on both a personal and a business level. There are many things that have not served me well throughout 2016, but have served as beautifully exquisite life lessons.

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