Stop Worrying How It's Going To Happen

Are you waiting for things to be perfect before you commit to REALLY putting yourself in the game?

Too many women wait too long to get their entrepreneurial ducks in a row before making the decision to be successful.

They distract themselves by doing yet another course or waiting for a life event to pass, always telling themselves "It's not the right time."

NOW is ALWAYS the right time. Stop trying to figure out the whole plan before you commit to taking action. 

The nature of the entrepreneurial journey is such that you're not given the next step until you actually get there. 

You have to step forward with courage NOW. Take a risk. Step out into the unknown. Step out of your comfort zone. Do the things that scares you.

It's a game of faith.

Have you got the tenacity to go forward even though there are no assurance, no guarantees? Do you believe in yourself enough to make it happen? Are you willing to do things that you've never done before? Because that's what it takes.

Fortune favours the brave. And so it is too with the entrepreneurial journey.

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What step forward will you commit to today?

BIG love ♕ VP. x

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Posted on October 9, 2015 and filed under read.