Your Business Isn't An Expensive Hobby

So often I see women give up on their dream of running a successful business because they "don't have the money."

With the best will in the world they want their business to do well, but something happens - a bill comes in, a life event takes place, and before you know it they throw in the towel.

What you must remember here is that you're business isn't an expensive hobby, it's a going concern. It shouldn't be something that gets sidelined every time the going gets tough.
If a massive bill comes in deal with it. Don't give up on all that you've worked for. Don't hide out in a place of lack.

Instead stretch into a new more expanded way of being. Open up to possibilities. Put your big girls pants on and step out of your comfort zone.

Recognise that in that moment your business IS a source of income. If you can't find the money, do something to create it. Go and get a client, host an event, create a product, pick up the phone and make a sale. Just DO something!

Instead of expending so much time and energy on your story of lack get into action to change it. Ask yourself a different question like, "What is the fastest most direct route to the income I desire?"

The moment you ask yourself a more powerful question you'll come up with a list of ideas that will get you back on track and into motion.

So what is it you need to do right now to change your situation? 
What decision do you need to make?
What action needs to happen right NOW in THIS moment?

Make the decision to have your business work FOR you!

Have an AMAZING Friday!

BIG love ♕ VP. x

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Posted on October 16, 2015 and filed under read.