“By implementing just one of Victoria's strategies, I grew my list by 25% in two weeks. I'm always looking for ways to grow my list and increase my e-zine audience and I am thrilled by the results I've gotten. I have also received two invitations to speak at upcoming events that are specific to my target market. Thank you for making what you teach so simple to follow and do!”

Beth Flarida, CPO, Get It Together, California. USA. www.getbeth.com

"Victoria thanks, I thought your program was really useful and informative. It's fired up my imagination and I’ve since devised a number of packages to offer my clients. I’m now offering special session packages and 75% of my clients enthusiastically paid for a package. You’ve helped me to see that I was actually taking care of my clients better by encouraging and offering possible ways they could continue their work with me. I have gone for a more targeted approach and I see this as being far more useful that my "I'll do anything" attitude. The information you have given me has been extremely useful" 

- Sue Brown, The Coaching Zone, Cobham, Surrey. UK 

“Victoria clarified social networking/marketing concepts quickly and thoroughly. She’s given me great ideas and ways to implement internet marketing into my current business, everything relating to successful client attraction. Her enthusiastic, knowledgeable and positive approach shone through. I take great comfort in knowing there’s someone like Victoria out there taking an interest in my success. I thoroughly recommend Victoria if you are serious about your business growth.” 

- Dr Claire Maguire, The Raw Bombshell, Raw Food Coach, North Yorkshire, UK. www.therawbombshell.com

Maria Sadler

Maria Sadler

"I had known Victoria for over three years when I realised that I was no further forward in my business than when I met her. I had two businesses. I worked really long hours and was constantly exhausted. My core business was draining me. However, I was afraid that the business that I was passionate about wouldn’t support me financially.
Before working with Victoria I was unfocused and unsure about what I wanted to do. I had so much going on that I was experiencing confusion. I have a 16 year old daughter and it was important to me to be able to spend time with her before she leaves home and goes off to University. I really wanted things to change so that I could have my business support the lifestyle I want.

Victoria helped me to realise that I wasn’t showing up as an expert in my business. I was under-pricing and undervaluing my expertise. Victoria helped me get clear on who my ideal client was. We created desirable packages that were in alignment with my brand, my desired lifestyle and the needs of my ideal clients.

I then went on to launch my first VIP program. Within a month I’d attracted my first high-level client. Better still, my VIP client bought every piece of the capsule wardrobe, and is now looking to work with us long-term. Things have transformed in other areas too. We have since become more visible and have booked corporate events and set up new joint ventures. We really have proved to ourselves that the sky is the limit!"

Maria Sadler, Co-Owner and Style Director, Capsule Wardrobe. www.capsule-wardrobes.co.uk

“Just one hour with Victoria enabled me to regain my enthusiasm for promoting my business in an achievable way. She’s been fantastic for accessing creativity and 'whole' brain thinking. I now have a plan for redesigning my business. Victoria's enthusiasm and knowledge are infectious, my head is 'buzzing' with ideas. Thank you Victoria.” 

- Carol Hughes, New You Life and Business Coaching, East Sussex. UK. www.newyou-lifecoaching.com

“Victoria’s key tips and tools have given me a clear direction and a plan that I could implement immediately. Just ONE of her tips was worth the entire hour. Victoria’s experience and knowledge is evident. I felt very looked after. I would book yourself on her course before her rates go up as I am sure they will!” 

- Sam Adkins, The Homeopathic Coach, Sydney, Australia. www.thehomeopathiccoach.com

Patricia Campbell

Patricia Campbell

"Before my intensive, I knew on a certain level how I wanted to serve my clients. I had the ingredients but no method or direction for how to cook up my creations. I was lost as to where to start, how to really serve my clients & what I wanted to offer.

I left my intensive feeling totally elated. I had a plan, a brand and a theme for my business. During the session I was able to connect with what I wanted, who I wanted to serve and what message I wanted to share. I felt grounded and connected to the process. I left feeling so equipped and tooled up to start creating a business that reflects me in a way that totally ROCKS!!!!

The time I spent with Victoria was such a gift to me. Her style is fun, effortless and so very engaging. She was able to get me to connect to who I am, unearth what my message is and to ignite it with love and passion. I am so very grateful for the love & support I received."

Patricia Campbell. Start Within. www.startwithin.co.uk

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Before I bought the Client Money Magnifier course, I was reviewing my business and identifying the gaps that needed plugging. Victoria came along at exactly the right time (I've noticed she does that a lot!) with a straightforward course that was going to tell me what to do every day in about 30 minutes. Perfect to plug my business gap!

In fact, it was so perfect that after the first day I had a call out of the blue which turned into a client contract of £2,500. That is a fantastic return on investment! Even better, I have the course to follow again, and again.

The Client Money Magnifier course has, and will, impact my business in a positive way; helping me by knowing exactly how to spend a useful 30 minutes each day, and clearly through increasing my revenue, making my business income stronger and stronger. Thank you, Victoria!

Naomi Martell-Bundock, The Mindset Mentor: wellbeing for you, your business and your family. www.coresense.co.uk

"Prior to working with you my brain was fogged with possibilities for marketing my business. I had literally ground to a halt! Now, in just ONE WEEK, I've rebranded and redesigned my website, started a new brand presence to attract my ideal clients and gained personal clarity on the services I offer. I've started the development of a new information product based on the needs of this new list. I've already increased my sign-ups and attracted a new joint venture partner for a teleclass. Just one strategy alone has enabled me to expand my online network to attract more new clients. I really do feel like I have turned from a busy fool into a human dynamo! Thanks Victoria it's the much needed kick-start I needed!" 

- Jacqui Tillyard, Rapid Results Coach, Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire. UK. www.jacquitillyard.co.uk

“As a newly qualified coach the information you’ve provided has been invaluable. I’m now looking at my business model and the way to market my skills in a completely different way. The information about the ‘Marketing Funnel’ has helped me enormously. You’ve saved me from the many mistakes I was about to make and feel confident now that when I set up my website it will be a huge success as I implement the ideas that you have given me.” 

- Tony Mitchell, Newly Qualified Coach. Brighton. UK