• build an audience that’s completely obsessed with you

  • Create irresistible offers that sell like hot cakes

  • Charge your worth and get it

  • Turn your monthly income into your daily income

  • Attract dream clients and more sales with less stress

  • work in a way that’s more Flexible, free and Soooo much more fun! 

The A-List is for high-performing coaches, Consultants and therapists - Women who have a bias for action, a track record of success and a passion for doing daring work.

I’m selecting 5 ambitious women to be part of my exclusive A-List.

you’ll work with me 1-on-1, have unlimited access to me, and my undivided attention.

The A-List Runs September, October and November 2019.

Think - A bespoke masterplan, Implementation Strategy, Materials critique, Feedback, inspiration, brainstorming, Encouragement, Cheerleading and some major accountability to get that shizzle done!

you’ll be 100% focused on the fastest, most direct, route to RESULTS!

I’ll literally be your Business & Marketing ‘partner in crime’ for the full 90-days.





we’ll spend an entire focused day working on your masterplan. We’ll lay out, in detail and step-by-step, what you’ll be working on for the next 90-days to bring results fast. The VIP Day will be held virtually via Zoom. There will also be a recording so that you can be present and in the moment without Missing a thing.


results happen when you implement! That’s why I’ll be right by your side every week in a 30-minute 1-on-1 mentoring call. I’ll check on your progress, help you Glide through blocks and stay on track so that you can rapidly move forward and achieve your goal in the shortest time possible. These calls will be held via Zoom and recorded for your reference.


I’ll create a bespoke Workbook Packed Full Of Done-For-You Materials, Outlines, Checklists, Templates + Scripts for your specific business. This Will Save You Having To Take Notes + Cut Your Implementation Time In Half. Just Plug In and Off You Go! I’ve literally done the work for you!


Got a burning Question? Need a quick dose of encouragement? I’ve got that covered! During the 90-day period you have unlimited access to yours truly via email. I’m also happy to jump on a quick call (during business hours) to give you a helping hand and share the pearls of wisdom you need to get motivated and inspired for action.



you literally have 3 seconds to capture attention. That’s why I’ll be available to review all of your marketing materials including web copy, social media posts, Email promotions and anything else that helps you capture the hearts and minds of those you serve.




“I took my new business from idea to £10K+ within 90-days working from home - even with two children under 5!” 


"Working 1:1 With Victoria Was Exactly What I Needed To Launch My New Business. I Gained Total Clarity Over My Business Idea, Niche, offer, Pricing and the Marketing strategies I Needed To Attract The Right Clients.

I quickly Went From Dreams To profitability! Within the first 2-weeks I made £7K+, then Moved on to generate over £10K+ in just 90-days…more than 3 times the return on investment for the program.

I’ve been blown Away By How Much I Was Able To Achieve In Such A Short Amount Of Time With Victoria’s Guidance.

This was exactly what I needed to transition out of my job and have my business support me full time in a way that I love"

~ Katie Ekanayake, Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor



“Within 1 Month Of Working With Victoria I Went From Zero Clients To Generating Consistent Mid 4-Figure Months Working Just 2 Days A Week In My Business.” 


"Before Working With Victoria I Was Overwhelmed & Doing EVERYTHING To Market My Business. Victoria Helped Me To Simplify My Plan So That I Could FOCUS On The Things That Get Results.  

Within 30 Days I Had 3 New Clients. I Went From Haphazard Marketing And Fluctuating Income To Generating Consistent Mid 4-Figure Months Working Just Two Days A Week. I Can Now Relax Knowing That 1 In 4 People I Speak To Will Become A Client.

Working With Victoria Has Given Me An Amazing Return On Investment. My Business Is Now Fully Booked With A Waiting List! I Have Enough Income That I'm Able To Hire Someone To Do All The Things I Hate!

If You're Considering Working With Victoria, Don't Consider, Just DO IT!"

~ Sofie Pett-Sabine, Child Sleep Consultant



  • You're new in business. You want to leapfrog past the faulty business model of trading 'hours-for-pounds.' You want to lay down the RIGHT foundations for a rewarding and highly profitable business right from the get-go

  • You already have a business. You're making some money, but you're caught up in the grind of too much work, not enough time. You’re ready to ramp things up so that you're turning your monthly income into your daily income without working harder

  • You recognise that you’ve been playing small (under charging and over delivering). You know it's time to put yourself in the game and take your business to the next level

  • You’re not expecting a ‘magic pill’ - You understand that running a business takes work and a no excuses approach. You are serious and committed to do what it takes to see results. You understand that success requires implementation and consistent steady action towards your goals.

  • You’re not really a ‘group person’ — You like the ideal of having personalised 1-on-1 attention and a bespoke plan so that you can experience the results you want faster.




"Before I struggled to make £450 a month. Now I’ve generated £40K+ in six months."

"When I First Started Working With Victoria I Struggled to get people to buy my £47 Online membership program. Making a small amount of money felt like sUCH hard work. Worst still nobody did anything with the information and certainly didn’t get results!

With Victoria’s Guidance I quickly went from Being Broke to fully booked. Victoria worked with me on my money-mindset which helped me shift my business model from delivering online courses to one that offers Premium Packages that are focused on results.

Victoria taught me that Making money doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, I now work just 3 days a week in my business and still hit £5K Months using a simple strategy to bring clients into my world FAST!"

~Wendy Kier, Business Mentor


"Victoria Helped Me To Create An Entire Business Out Of Something That Was Just A Vision And A Passion. Fast Forward To Today I'm A Published Hay House Author" 


"Victoria Helped Me To Create An Entire Business Out Of Something That Was Just A Vision, Passion And Spiritual Revelation.

Victoria Helped Me Create My Signature System, Map Out My Programs & Create A Marketing Plan To Reach My Goals. 

My Work With Victoria Has Been Worth Every Second And Every Penny. She Helped Make My Dream A Reality. Fast Forward To Today And I'm A Published Hay House Author.

~ Jo Westwood, Author And Spiritual Life Coach




  • i Have 12+ years experience working with solo business owners, coaches, consultants, therapist and service-based professionals.

  • I have a reputation for getting rESULTS. My clients consistently experience Radical transformations and income Breakthroughs often within weeks of us working together.

  • I Went from being a broke lone parent living on Benefits (welfare) to generating £30K+ in 90-days.

  • I walk my talk. I’ve designed a profitable business that allows me to Travel the world consistently and live a Life of freedom, Fun and flexibility.

  • I homeschool my son whilst working just a few hours each day in my business - even as a single mother!



“From Undercharging And Over-Delivering To Confidently Knowing My Worth.”


“Before My Work With Victoria I Was Undercharging, Over-Delivering And My Patients Wouldn’t Follow Through Or Come Back For The Recommended Amount Of Appointments.

Victoria Helped Me To Lay Out My Work In A Systematic Way That Focused On Attracting Committed Patients That Get Results. Fast Forward 90-Days And The Results Speak For Themselves. I’m Charging More, My Patients Stay The Course And Most Important Of All, They Are Experiencing Life-Changing Transformations. I Couldn't Be Happier. Now I Really DO Feel That I’m Facilitating The Change I’m So Passionate About. Thanks so much for all of your nurturing support.”

~ Dr. Sheila Richards. Functional Medicine Doctor.



If you’re ready to make rEAL MOVEMENT on your business goals in the next 90-days and you’re serious, ready to DO the work and are committed to your business success, please fill out the application form below.

A-List applications close on the 24th September. Places will be filled on a first come first served basis.



A quick word about pricing and investment…

I offer programs at all budgets. However, the A-List is for committed business owners who are Willing - and able - to invest in their success.

The investment is £3,500 (full-pay option) or three monthly instalments of £1,200 (3-Pay option).

I pride myself on getting results for my clients. I stake my reputation on it.

That means that I expect my clients to be 100% committed to their success and Be willing to Take action and implement. No flaking out, No excuses or ‘poor me’ Stories…and Definitely no backing out half way through the program.

There will be no early Cancellations or refunds.

When you make the commitment to get on the A-List, you’re ALL IN baby! Whoop!


Results Speak Louder Than Words!

Here are just some of the results my clients have achieved.