Free Training: 12 Things You Should Be Doing In Your First Year of Business

Are you looking to get your business into profitability quickly?

There are FOUR key mistakes that hold coaches back from getting their business off the ground and making money consistently.

You're not...

  • putting the right business foundations in place
  • mastering the basics of client attraction and enrollment
  • getting in front of the right clients (those that are ready to buy) 
  • relying upon 'wish' and 'hope' as a strategy for business success

This means that enrolling clients is VERY hit and miss. You don't generate the income you desire. Plus you never get to transition out of your job and have your business support you full time.

When you have the right structures in place and a simple, easily doable process for getting your business off the ground, things can change very quickly. This isn't about working harder.  
It's about working SMARTER to get the results you desire!

In this 45 minute training I share the business basics. The 12 steps coaches and consultants must master in order to ensure that they have clients and cash flow allowing them to get their business into profitability in the first year of business. This training will also applies to you if you've been in business for longer but don't yet have all the clients you need. 

Let me focus exclusively on you and the transformation of your business this summer!

Want to create an exciting master plan to generate more sales, bring in more clients and increase your income right now? Want to have more fun, freedom and cash to splash this summer?

I'm excited to announce that I'm opening up just 4 spots to work with me in a Private Virtual Coaching Intensive. This is your chance to spend a full day completely immersed in high-level business know how and support, so that you can have a bigger impact in less time and create rapid income breakthroughs faster - whilst enjoying the summer sun.

Just 4 spots available. Register before Thursday 10th August and SAVE £150.

Posted on August 6, 2017 and filed under BUSINESS.