Is It Time For Change?

As the winter nights have been drawing in, I've been getting more and more into a SERIOUS "funk."

Something was off. Something didn't feel right. I was pissed off. :(

I realise now that it's because I've been going through the motions! 

Many of you know that a few months ago I made the decision to move to Thailand for a year. However, this time I decided not to be my usual rash self and head straight off into the horizon. 

Instead I decided not to rush at all. After all, I was going to be on my own with a small child in a foreign country half way around the world, millions of miles away from anyone who could support me if the shiz hit the fan.

So I decided that I'd be "sensible." I'd take my time, put some revenue streams in place, so that I could have some fall-back money in case of an emergency.

However, there layeth the problem!

My desire to be logical and wait to get my ducks in a row dampened the excitement and drive I felt for jet-setting to the other side of the world... And I see this all of the time within the women entrepreneur community.

In our bid for perfection, to be organised, and to get it "right," we second guess ourselves. We inadvertently hold ourselves back from the natural momentum and excitement that would effortlessly elevate our business and life to the place that we desire. 

We totally forget that the Universe is more keen than us to quickly bring the things that we desire! :)

One of the reasons I was experiencing this full-on "funkiness" was because I was off course. I wasn't being true to my hearts desire. I'd created a very elaborate, and plausible, story to keep me exactly where I am - going through the motions and going nowhere fast!

It's Time For Change!

So all of this to say, things are gonna be changing around here. I'm sick of going through the motions. I'm firmly on a solo journey towards one of the biggest decisions of my life... and I'm taking YOU with me every step of the way.

I'm gonna mess up at times. It's not always going to run smoothly or have a particularly shiny veneer, but my intention is to share with you my knowledge (and fuck-ups), so that you don't have to take the long-winded route to wherever it is that you want to go.

So get ready for a slight change in my style. The real 'get down and dirty' Victoria is coming out to play. I'm embracing all that I am, warts and all. Like it or not. 

There will be some slightly different verbiage... but some truthful, heart on sleeve insights about what it REALLY takes to design a business that supports a lifestyle that you LOVE! 

...And so onto this week's Inspired to Greatness Show!

Are Your Second Guessing Yourself!

One of the key things that keeps women entrepreneurs stuck and second guessing themselves is MONEY, or the lack thereof. 

Many of you are not truly stepping into all that you are meant for because you're not sure how or where the next client and cash-flow is coming from. Sound familiar? 

So in the name of making some serious shizzle happen in double quick time, on this week's ITG Show I share my fave tips for finding the money to invest in yourself, your life, and the growth of your business.


Looking forward to 'seeing' you on the call!

Posted on November 5, 2014 .