Ready to Double Your Income & Cut Your Hours in Half?

Greetings from Lincolnshire!

Yours truly with my mini partner in crime, Eaton.

I've been having some chillaxing downtime away from home, strolling along the beach in the winter sunshine, eating wholesome comfort food, and spending quality time with my son...Plus planning out two super exciting programs for 2015.

I love this time of year. It's the perfect time to take stock, review the past 12 months, make plans for change, and move into the New Year with an unbridled sense of opportunity. 

Eaton and Daisy (the handbag pooch)!

I'm so very proud of all the fabulous women (and man) that I've worked with this year, those that stepped up and said "YES" to their vision of building a unique, rewarding and thriving business doing what they love. 

...And it got me thinking about you guys and how I can serve you more deeply in 2015.

My business has allowed me to completely transform the way I live my life. I feel so fortunate to be able to run it around the needs of my son, but also in a way that allows me the freedom to travel, and spend more time doing the things that light me up. 

It's the revenue streams and business structures that have allowed me to work in a powerful yet simplified way, whilst still making really great money in the process.

But it's only a few short years ago that I was a broke lone parent with a newborn facing a life on Benefits. I'd burnt through my savings. The bills were stacking up unpaid. I was paralyzed by fear and desperation. 

Until I discovered how to charge my worth, leverage the way I work, and market my business authentically, in a way that's magnetic to those I'm meant to serve. 

When you master these principles business and life gets SO much easier, and it can for you too... And that's exactly what I want to share with you on today's Inspired to Greatness Show, and going forward into 2015.

6 Ways to Double Your Income & Cut Your Hours in Half

Join me at 10 am (UK) today as I share my fave strategies for doubling or tripling your income, whilst still cutting your hours in half. Plus gain access to all of the juicy "Inner Circle" bonuses.

This is for you if you're ready to cut away the stress and overwhelm and embrace a simpler, more joyful and purpose-driven way of working in 2015, so that you're able to live the "Freestyle Life" you desire! 

Plus I'll be making a very exciting announcement about something I've poured every ounce of my passion into - my latest program. Here's a quick pic (above) to whet your appetite!

See you on the show!

BIG love,


P.S. -- Did you miss the saving on my Client & Money Magnifier Course last week? If so, don't worry. There's still time to snag the course with one full months access to the Inspired to Greatness Mastermind when you snap up your copy by Friday 19th December! 

Posted on December 14, 2014 .