Giving away your power during the enrolling conversation?

Giving away your power during the enrolling conversation?

Attracting time-wasters who are looking for a freebie session and no-cost advice?

I remember it well!

You know the story. They say...

"It sounds great but I'll have to think about it," or "Let me just check my finances and I'll get back to you."

And what happens? You don't hear a thing!

It's soooo NOT cool, and I'm sure there isn't one of you who hasn't experienced this at some point or another.

Learning how to have the enrolling conversation, and do it in a way that is ethical, authentic and without feeling pushy or sales-y, is fundamental to the success of any service-based business.

If there's ONE strategy alone that I would hold close to my heart at the expense of all others, it would be enrolling with soul!

In fact, the system I now use for effortlessly closing approximately 90% of potential clients, is the very same that has allowed me to sell £1K, £3K and £6K programs, in a way that is effortless AND enjoyable!


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Posted on December 10, 2014 .