How to Make £5K in Time for Christmas!

Ugh, it can be enough to make you loose sleep eh?

... Lacking consistent cash flow and having absolutely no idea what to do first to get that money flowing in quickly.

When you're under the cosh it can be easy to spend more time worrying than actually being productive.

Without cash flow you don’t have the money to invest in the resources you need to grow, and make what you want from your biz.

...And of course that's when you get on the slippery slope of under charging and under valuing your expertise - still working your ass off, but being paid peanuts for it. The perfect recipe for burnout. (Boo! You SO don't want that!)

But here's the great news. It doesn't have to be that way...

Bring on VIP Days. I love 'em! In fact, back in 2013 these babies were solely responsible for the complete turn around of my own business in literally ONE month. (More about that story in my next post.)

The reason I'm having a long standing love affair with VIP Days is because they cut your hours in half, but also generate income very quickly without a big list, doing exactly what you love, while providing oodles of care, attention and value to your clients.

So let's look at why you should consider adding this super lucrative revenue stream to your biz this festive season (Ho, ho, ho!):-



:: 1. An easy way for your clients to get started with you NOW!

When a potential client comes into your world for the first time they will often be resistant to investing in a longer term, high-end package. However, they may still want personalised 1-on-1 attention.

Hellooo VIP Days! This gives your clients a very quick and simple way to get started without the higher investment... and of course, it makes it super simple for them to say "Yes" to working with you. 

:: 2. Give your clients great results FAST!

If a potential client comes to you for help it's usually because they have a pressing problem that they want solving now. They don't want to wait weeks and months to experience transformation, right?

Ta da...VIP Days! What a perfect way to give your clients that much needed instant gratification. In just one day you can get them into action and experiencing really great results. (And say hello to a new happy raving fan!)

:: 3. Get your first VIP Day client now with ONE conversation!

So many people get hooked up with offering lower end group programs. However they take a lot of time to enrol into, and can be very difficult to fill. Why make things hard for yourself when you can enrol a new VIP Day client with as little as one simple conversation?

For example, I had a client who was trying to offer a lower-end group program. Each time she ran it she spent a month or so in launch mode - writing copy, hosting teleseminars, sending out emails, creating social media post and so on.

Each time she was getting just 4-6 participants at £150, so was making a maximum of £900 delivering a 6 week course. That's not much for 90-days work, wouldn't you agree?

By the time she came to work with me she was struggling financially and completely burnt out. (No wonder, poor love!)

I taught her my Freestyle VIP Formula and in just over 1 week she had signed up TWO VIP Day clients at £1,000 each. That’s £2k of income in ONE week instead of £900 over 90-days. (Pretty tidy sum eh?)

And that's not all!

One of those clients then went on to enrol in her on-going high-end program (that we mentioned in step one), bringing in another £3k of biz. That's a whopping £5k in a matter of weeks using what I taught her!
(Can anyone say cha-ching in time for Christmas!) 

Are you ready to jump-cut to these kinda results?

I'm excited to announce a unique opportunity to get help with growing a wildly profitable coaching or consulting business in 2015.

This is designed for women who want to cut away the stress and overwhelm, and implement a more powerfully streamlined way of working using VIP Days, whilst making phenomenal money doing what you love.

If this sounds like the next step for you in 2015 and you're at that place in your business where you know it's time for your next level of income and impact... we should talk.

To find out more schedule your complimentary decision making session today!

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Posted on February 8, 2015 .