A Personal Story About Manifestation!

Victoria Player - The Biz Fashionista!

Victoria Player - The Biz Fashionista!

Today I want to share a personal story about the power of manifesting. Something truly amazing happened yesterday. It reflects perfectly what's available to us ALL when we BELIEVE!

I'm currently making several up-leveled shifts in my business and life (more to come on that soon). With it comes a number of hefty price tags!

I don't mind admitting that it's a big (and scary) stretch. You know how it is? These shifts often require money. If the money isn't there it holds us back from our desires.
Things weren't moving forward in my biz/life at the speed that I wanted. I made the decision to act in full faith that the money would be there when I needed it, even though in that moment it wasn't!

This particular shift involved investing to work with a mentor and buying a new car. However, it was going to leave me with nothing if I paid for both in such a short time frame. I wanted to experience change NOW, so I decided to draw a line in the sand and go for BOTH anyway!!! ;)
I went to the car showroom yesterday having already decided which car I wanted to buy. I got there to experience a miracle. Not only was there a better car, which I hadn't noticed on my previous visits, but it was also a better price and a better investment all around. It meant that I came home with a great deal, PLUS more available funds in my pocket than I’d anticipated.

Just before I went out to buy the car I also paid online to invest in a coaching program (yesterday was clearly a day of massive action for me!). This was seriously stretching my finances to the absolute limit.

Upon my return from the car showroom I found an email waiting in my inbox from said mentor. She explaining that I had found a hidden link on her website to a program that was no longer current. As such she felt she couldn't sell the program to me.

However, in that moment something quite magical happened. As a substitute she made another offer and very kindly extended it to me at a vastly lower investment to make up for the mistake. Would you believe this program was a BETTER fit than the one I had originally paid for? It was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. What were the chances of that happening?

So, all of this to say.... both these incidents together have enable me to have what I want in a better way than I could have imagined... and STILL have money in the bank, even though at the time I felt that the money wasn't there.
None of this could have happened if I hadn't have stepped forward in full faith that the Universe would provide. You know what they say... Ask and it is given! The parachute will never open unless you step off the cliff!

So what area of your life can you apply this to today? What decisions do you need to make now to allow opportunities to open up for you? What do you need to step into? Is NOW the time to put your “big girl pants” on and just GO FOR IT?

My hope in sharing this story is that it acts as a pearl of inspiration to motivate you to step out and commit to the things you desire. If there's one thing I've learned in my seven years of business it's that our biggest breakthroughs stand right behind the very thing that we are resisting most!

I know for myself in the past it has been stories like this that have enabled me to keep on keeping on. I hope that this does the same for you. I’d love to continue this conversation over at my Facebook page and hear your manifestation stories.

See you there!

BIG love,



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Posted on May 26, 2014 .