What Women REALLY Want...


These past few days I've been doing some serious soul searching. It's been deep and at times it's been dark as I shift, breath into the new, and release what isn't working.

What I realise is that life and business needs to be simplified. It needs to be paired down and ‘easy’ (or as easy as is humanly possible).

Women don’t want more on their plate. The sheer idea of having one more thing to add to our to-do list makes us want to run for the hills.

Women want to be present, self aware and available for their life and those that they love. Women don’t want more, they don’t want excess. They don’t want material gain for material gains sake.

We want to be supported financially to allow freedom of choice, whether that’s travel, time spent with our kids, or having the option of saying “Hell yeh” to whatever lifestyle choices we desire.

Women want freedom, ease, flow, simplicity and joyful self expression. They want to feel comfortable in their own skin and to be able to fearlessly own ALL that they are.

This isn’t about being rich. This is about experiencing a richness of heart. 

So, I’m taking a stand for simplicity AND success... in my own life and for the lives of the women in our community.

What do you think... can we really have both? Join the conversation over at my Facebook page.

There is an easier way of doing business. There is a way for us to be supported financially, spiritually and emotionally through our business. There is a way for this NOT to be hard... and I’d like to show you exactly how, step-by-step.

I’m opening up space to work with an intimate group of women who are truly committed to their transformation, and who are prepared and willing to show up for ALL that they are meant for. 

Truth is; this isn’t for everyone. This is for those of you who are serious about your success, are prepared to invest in your business, and are ready to call in high-end clients and receive greater wealth.

If you are DONE with pushing, if you're totally OVER the overwhelm, you absolutely KNOW in your heart that there is more for you to bring into the world... and you're ready to take a stand for your greatness and step fearlessly into a new powerful, yet paired down way of working, I’d love to help you.

If this resonates with you I invite you to complete this application. This will help me get an understanding of you and your business. Please note also that this is not a sales call, but a way for me to understand whether I can help you and whether you might be a good fit for this group.

I can't wait to speak to some of you in person. 



ABOUT THE PLAYER: I work with women entrepreneurs who are struggling to attract clients + create consistent cash-flow.

I help them design a super rockin’ business that supports a life filled with freedom, fun + flexibility, so that you can confidently step into your spotlight, share youir gifts with the world + become the shining superstar that they were meant to be.

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Posted on June 11, 2014 .