Simple Model for Attracting High End Clients

If you’re not making really great money in your business there’s something wrong. I see it all of the time. Women lead with low level offers with the intention of working up to higher level offers as they gain more experience. However, this is the perfect formula to keep you stuck, struggling financially and going nowhere fast.

Truth is you need to be remunerated well from the get-go. In the early days of your business you’ll need to focus your time on marketing to ensure that you successfully get the word out, increase visibility and generate consistent cash-flow. 

That means making the decision to work in a more leveraged way, so that you’re able to serve fewer clients at a deeper level whilst still freeing up time and supporting yourself financially. Here are five steps to consider.

Step #1: Get clear on the ultimate transformation you provide for your clients. Know how to communicate that value, know what makes you unique and price your expertise accordingly.

Step #2: Create multiple streams of income. Offer high-end and group programs so that you can leverage your time, have a greater impact, serve more people whilst still maximising your income.

Step #3: Have a powerful fail-safe lead generation plan. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult; in fact one hour invested in the right lead generation strategies can bring a return of £10K+ worth of new business.

Step #4: Get comfortable with the enrolling conversation. When you know how to generate a flood of new client conversations that take people from cold to enrolled without being pushy or sales-y, you can boost your income and turn your 'money tap’ ON any time you need it. 

Step #5: KISS (Keep it simple sweetheart!). Pick what works for you and rinse and repeat consistently to generate repeat and increased business. With the right strategies your business really can be paired down and simplified, allowing you to experience the freedom and flexibility to do more of the things that you love.

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Posted on June 9, 2014 .