I'm Quitting the UK!

"Ask me what I did with my life?"

I heard these words in a song recently and it got me thinking...I cast my mind forward into the future. 

What would I want to say if I were asked this question?

How will I want to feel about all that I have done?

The answer came back to me. "I would want to have done MORE than this!"

...And that's why I've decided to quit the UK and take the show on the road!

Business can sometimes become a bit of a chore when it's solely centered around attracting clients and making money. 

It's all too easy to loose sight of our big vision. We fall into the trap of going through the motions, doing business as usual, one day rolling into the other, with the sole purpose of keeping up with our monthly bill payments.

Don't get me wrong, these things are important and essential to our success. Without them we don't have a business. We have an very expensive hobby. 

However, as entrepreneurs money is a by-product of how we feel about what we're doing. When we feel good, when we create from a place of passion, when we are vibrating with the joy, excitement and positive expectation of what’s to come, everything flows in with ease.

Life gets easy. Business gets easy. People feel your passion and are magnetically drawn to the excitement you have for your life... and that's when the clients and money flow in. 

It's not to say that there isn't work to be done or that you don't have to put in the hours, because you do. But when there's something behind those activities, something that totally ROCKS your world and lights you up..... 

That's when EVERYTHING gets exhilarating!

So, in the name of creating more exhilaration and adventure in my own life, I've decided to step more fully into the things that light me up.

And so, in the coming months I'll be packing up house and home to live in Thailand for six months or so (visas and work permits permitting). From there who knows where the road will take me - Bali, Antigua, India????? The world really is my oyster!

... And I'm going to be sharing more about this and how you can design your business to support a life of freedom, fun and flexibility in my BRAND NEW 5-part training series.


Training #1: Thursday 21st August at 1:00 pm UK

I'll be spilling the beans on the specific how-to business building pieces and mindset shifts, to successfully create a business that enables more freedom and the bank balance to support it too. Register here.

Here's an outline of the topics we'll cover in each training:-

Training #1: "How to Make the Jet-Set Lifestyle Your Reality"
Training #2: "How to Claim Your Financial Destiny"
Training #3: "How to Go from Struggling to Super-Successful in 6-Months or Less"
Training #4: "My Simple Model for Generating £10K Months"
Training #5: "How to Create a Super Irresistible Rock Star Personal Brand"


Oh, and by the way...I'd LOVE to take your questions on this topic and answer them on the live training. Just head over to Facebook or Twitter, post your questions and be sure to include the #AskThePlayer hashtag so that I can find them.

See ya there! 

P.S. - Have you been keeping up with my 30-Day Video Challenge

Victoria Player, the "Biz Fashionista"

Victoria Player, the "Biz Fashionista"

ABOUT THE PLAYER:  Victoria works with women entrepreneurs who are struggling to attract clients and create consistent cash-flow. She helps them combine their passion and purpose, confidently step into their spotlight and create a unique, rewarding and thriving business doing what they love.

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Posted on August 18, 2014 .