5 Important Shifts to Help You Attract Clients Now!

“I’m doing all I know to attract clients but nothing seems to be working!”

I know just how frustrating it can be when you’re spinning your wheels but seemingly going nowhere fast. In my seven years of business I’ve come to realise that business success involves so much more than simply knowing the nuts-and-bolts how-to elements of client attraction.

Truth is; I could teach you all that I know, but you may still not see results. Why? Because business success is as much an inside job as it is an outside job.

In this week’s article I share how to think on the inside so that you can experience big shifts and financial success on the outside.

1.    Make client attraction a priority

Your business success relies solely upon your ability to bring in clients and make money. Without it you have little more than an expensive hobby. However, I frequently find that women get to marketing after they’ve dealt with everything else. They give priority to the non-money generating activates, focusing first on email, posting on Facebook, sending info to clients, or putting on another load of washing! It is vital to give priority to client attraction activities; otherwise you’re not going to attract all the clients you need.

2.    Hoping + wishing is not a strategy for business success

If something isn’t working, don’t do the same thing and expect a different outcome. Don’t wait in the hope that things will miraculous change. They won’t.  If you’re not experiencing the results you’re looking for do something about it. Business success is about recognising when something isn’t working and taking immediate decisive action to remedy it. 

3.    Invest to get the knowledge you need

A business does not run on fresh air. You have to invest to experience success. It’s tempting to figure things out for yourself especially when there’s so much free information online. This will do little more than send you down the rabbit hole. It leads to confusion and overwhelm. Weeks, months and even years later you’ll be no further forward than when you started out. You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t be cheap with yourself. Invest in yourself now so that you can shorten your learning curve and bring your business into profit quickly. Just one client alone could well cover your investment!

4.    Be persistent + consistent

Truth is; there’s no quick fix or magic pill for business success. It’s tempting to try something once and then jack it in when we don’t experience immediate results. However, marketing and client attracting is something that you will want to commit to for the long haul. Yes, you can experience results quickly, but true business success will require that you stay consistently focused on client attraction for the period of one year. 

5.    Work from a place of positive expectation

Thoughts become things. If your focus is on the lack on what you desire, that is exactly what you will create for yourself. There is no shortage to your supply. However, if you’re in doubt, fear, negativity and disbelief you will never experience the results you’re looking for. Get focused upon what you want. Decide what’s an absolute must for you. What is it that’s a non-negotiable? Then decide, take action and GO for it like your hair is on fire!

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Posted on July 15, 2014 .