5 Reasons to Add Profitable VIP Days to Your Business Model

Yours truly with my gorgeous client, Emily Thorpe.

Yours truly with my gorgeous client, Emily Thorpe.

Last week I spent a full day of business building brilliance with my client Emily Thorpe at the stunning Flemings Hotel in Mayfair. We worked together to clear a path for her success, planned out her service offerings and drafted her entire launch plan for the year ahead.

It’s such an honour to be able to work with women in this way and to watch their dream unfurl like a beautiful flower.

When women say “YES” to themselves by investing in a Private Intensive, they are saying “YES” to a new way of being and existing in the world. They are saying “YES” to all that’s available to them, a space where they can take charge of their business (and life), and step confidently into all that they are meant for.

Are you waiting to say “YES” to the things that you truly desire?

I see it all of the time. Women who want to run a profitable business that’s a true and exciting reflection of ALL that they are. They want to make really great money doing what they love and support their clients at the highest level.

However, they’re stuck; waiting for the right moment, struggling financially, under charging and over delivering, which results in a feeling of despondence and burn out.

Truth is; your business needs to be making money from the get-go. In order to show up fully for your clients and be of greater service in the world, you will want to be financially supported. Overwhelm and stress is not client attractive and certainly not a recipe for success. 

Plus in the beginning much of your time will be spent on marketing in order to raise your visibility and ensure consistent clients and cash-flow. That’s why it’s so important to be offering revenue streams that free up time, support your success, and your clients too.

Here are 5 reasons to add profitable Private Intensives or VIP Days to your business model, so that you can quickly experience rapid income shifts and help your clients get phenomenal results in less time.

1. Help your clients experience results now

When a client comes to you for help it’s usually because they have a pressing problem, one that’s bad enough that they want to solve it NOW! They don’t want to wait weeks and months to see results. VIP Days are a great way of spending focused time with your clients to help them experience the transformation they’re looking for in as little as a day. 

2. Clients can sample your work without committing long term

If potential clients don’t know you well they may experience resistance around investing in longer term packages or programs. That means lost business for you. VIP Days are a great way for clients to experience you, your expertise, and the type of results they’ll gain, without too much financial risk. VIP Days also make the perfect stepping stone for clients to move into higher level (and longer term) programs with confidence and ease.

3. Quickly add £1,000 - £5,000 to your income any time you need it

The greatest barrier to success for women in business is speed of implementation and knowing what will bring a great return on investment. VIP Days are one of the fastest cash-flow generators to add to your service offerings. Not only are they quick and simple to design, but you can literally go out, get a new client and be working with them the very next day! 

4.    A great offer to make from speaking

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is what offer should I make from speaking? Speaking in front of a live audience is one of the most lucrative ways to elevate your expert status, increase visibility, generate repeat and increased business, and have your dream clients chomping at the bit to work with you. One speaking gig alone can ladd thousands of pounds to your bottom line when offering VIP Days, especially when you consider that two in every three VIP Day clients will go on to work with you at a higher level. Cha-ching! ;)

5.    Use VIP Days to add masses of value to your clients

There’s an old saying in business that say, “Under promise and over deliver.” VIP Days are a great way of adding extreme value to the client experience. They’re a great way to kick-start longer term packages and programs and helps clients do the deeper work or immersion learning that may be associated to longer term offerings.

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Posted on May 12, 2014 .