5 Simple Daily Practices that Keep the Money Rolling In (Even When Things Get Busy)

Do you take your foot off the business development accelerator when things get busy?

I see it all of the time, coaches working hard, marketing their assess off to bring in the clients.

Eventually business comes in, you start working with those clients, things get busy and guess what?

The marketing STOPS!

What happens next is a situation YOU may have found yourself in on more than one occasion?

You start to experience what I call ‘feast or famine.’ One minute you have a glut of clients. The next minute you have none (crickets!).

This then takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion in terms of inconsistent income and the stress, worry and fear that comes with not knowing where the next lot of clients and cash flow will come from.

But do not fear, I have an answer…

In episode 14 of the Inspired to Greatness Show below, I share 5 powerful strategies that you can implement easily to ensure that the clients and money continue to roll in, even when things get super busy.


Is it time for you to start working smarter, not harder?

Do you feel confused about what you need to focus on in order to experience consistent RESULTS in your business?

Are you tired of being in ‘feast or famine’ mode?

If you’re ready to STOP the confusion, stress and financial lack that comes with financial inconsistency, I invite you to join me for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Call.

You will discover a simple repeatable system for creating clients and cash flow on demand. More importantly, you’ll learn how to work SMARTER, not HARDER and have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Posted on December 8, 2018 and filed under BUSINESS.