Are You Waiting Until You Die?


A few weeks ago I took a strong inventory of my business and life.

The weeks and months stretch out ahead of us, providing the perfect opportunity to live with passion, play full-out, make things happen, and live a life of PURPOSE.

However, I find that it’s easy to slip into a reactionary way of living, always fire fighting, catching up with our never ending to-do list, and getting caught up in the hum-drum of life.

"But what about your dreams?"

When do we make time for the things we really want to experience? When do we stop to consider what that might even look like?

At the moment of death I'm sure there isn’t one of us that will look back over our lives and wish we’d ticked off yet another item on our to-do list. We won't wish that we'd waited until it was "the right time!" We wouldn't shelve all that we are meant for, because the money seemingly wasn't there.

If you knew that tomorrow was your last day, NOW would be the right time. Money would no longer be an issue. You'd make the most of every single moment. You'd L.I.V.E - full pelt, balls to the wall, like your hair was on fire!

You'd kick your fear to the curb. You'd live with careless abandon, You'd love, and you'd put every ounce of your soul into everything you do.

... And that is exactly what's available to you NOW, right here, in this moment.


Don't wait until your death to feel regret. In this moment you can start over. You can make anew. NOW is the time!

If you know that this is your time, and you're ready to design your business to be a unique and exciting expression of ALL that you are...

If you know in your heart that you are meant for more, and you want to have a business that brings you freedom, fun and flexibility...

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Have a wonderful weekend and I'll catch you on Monday for the Inspired to Greatness Show. Have fun!

Posted on March 7, 2014 .