How to Boost Your Biz Using PR with Victoria Player & Lyndsey Whiteside

One of the biggest challenges you face when you launch a new venture is getting publicity for your business. How do you get the media to write about you? The fact that you’ve launched a business is not necessarily ‘news’, so you need to think outside the box to get the publicity you need.

Remember that journalists get hundreds, if not thousands, of pitches every week. So it’s not a case of thinking about how publications can help you promote your business, but rather how you can help them and their readers.

On this episode of the Inspired to Greatness Show I'm delighted to be joined by the fabulous Lyndsey Whiteside of Inspired Public Relations. Not only is Lyndsey a PR whiz but she's also a coach for wild and wonderful women at work and superstars-in-waiting.   
If you're looking to get noticed, have a real impact, raise your profile, create excitement and ultimately bring you more of the very best clients then be sure to watch this show.

Posted on January 27, 2014 .