Entrepreneurship: It Ain't All Rosy.

Hey Fellow Superstar,

Yes, I mean YOU gorgeous!

If you've landed here, I know that you're a woman who wants to...

:: Get your gifts and talents out into the world in a BIG way, and have your business be a true and exciting representation of ALL that you are

:: Design your business to support the lifestyle you desire, get paid handsomely for doing what you LOVE, and finally step into being the women you know you have the potential to be

:: You're ready to step into your spotlight, claim your financial destiny and start saying "YES" to your abundance and wealth THIS YEAR!

Although many of you wish to design a "Superstar Business" that supports you fully, you're also feeling like you have to be Superwoman to get it all done.

You're still struggling to attract clients. The cash flow is intermittent and you're on information overload.

You're bombarded with way too much choice. Juggling a million-and-one things. Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and going nowhere fast.

Many of you are struggling financially. You have clients but you're finding it difficult to make the money you desire.

You want to attract higher-paying clients, those that are willing to invest in themselves. You worry that if you raise your rates you'll lose the few clients that you have.

This can make it hard to believe in yourself and your worth. As such you give away WAY too much of your time, energy and expertise for free, which adds to your feelings of lack and burn out.

If you've just nodded your head and answered "YES" to any of these statements, then you may already have decided that it's time to enlist some help to navigate rough waters.

... And I can COMPLETELY relate, because I was exactly where you are now!


"A few years ago I was struggling & in financial dire straits!"


Seven years ago I was in the most dire of situations. I found myself pregnant and alone. My baby's father disappeared and refused to support me, financially or otherwise.

How was I going to take care of a newborn, run my business AND bring in enough money to support myself and my son? How would I manage to run a business full-time on sleepless nights and around the clock feeding? I felt vulnerable, afraid and anxious about what the future held for me.

To add insult to injury my own father disowned me and insinuated that I would be, "Just another unmarried mother on Benefits looking for free housing." Talk about a fall from grace! My whole world was caving in. I felt disgraced, rejected and alone.

Now don't get me wrong, my business had been ticking along nicely for a few years prior to this. I had the right marketing structures in place and a steady flow of happy clients. But I certainly wasn't rolling in money.

There was NO WAY that I would be able to work at the rate that I had once my baby arrived. I had no idea how I was going to magic up enough time to support myself and my son through the early days of motherhood.

Within weeks of giving birth to my son I was in trouble. I was waking at the crack of dawn, working during nap times, then late into the night to get things done. I was still struggling to make enough money. My brain was like cotton wool. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and soon realised that I couldn't continue pretending to be Superwoman.

I'd gone from having a quiet determination, to wondering whether I'd be able to afford nappies and that day's grocery bill. I'd burnt through my savings to pay my business overheads, I couldn't get any more credit and the bills were stacking up unpaid.

By this point I felt like a complete fraud. Self sabotaging behaviours were kicking in. I was in survival mode. I doubted my own ability and the viability of my business.

How could I teach anything about business and success strategies when mine was falling down around my ears? I could barely keep my head above water. I was desperate, broke and had completely lost my self-confidence.


“If you're struggling, don’t give up. There is a way to experience magical transformation. You CAN step forward and claim the business, income and lifestyle you truly desire, while being of great service to others - and I'm here to help you!”


I set out on my entrepreneurial journey with the intention of helping others to have transformational breakthroughs. I wanted to design my business in a way that supported my lifestyle and allowed me to be the women I knew I was meant to be. 

Money was important to me - essential to my well being and security. It was an essential part of being a good role model for my son. Essential for creating my dream life, and as a way of giving back. But I could barely get out of survival mode.

Something had to change - and FAST!

I gathered my courage and focus and made the DECISION. I vowed that I was not going to be "Just another unmarried mother on Benefits looking for free housing." 

I borrowed some money from my mother without a clue about how I would repay it. I took the last few pennies from my already overdrawn bank account, used it for my train fare (I'd already sold my car) and travelled to London, on a wing and a prayer, to work with a mentor.

Yes, I took a risk - a MASSIVE risk. It scared me senseless. I staked EVERYTHING I had on my desire for transformation. It was now or never!


"Repeatedly investing in myself and my business when I was at my lowest ebb transformed my financial destiny!”


Very quickly the money began to flow in. As soon as I earned it I reinvested it in further coaching, mentoring and training and kept taking MASSIVE action. I very quickly went from counting pennies in order to afford groceries, to making over £5,000 in one month.

Previously I'd been charging £127 for a virtual group coaching programme and remember thinking, "Nobody will pay that!" In no time, I was filling similar programmes for £597 with ease.

Things really began to shift when I began to add 1-Day Intensives (VIP Days) and 'Platinum Style' programs to my business model. They were faster and (can you believe) easier to sell.

Clients eagerly said "YES," were a delight to work with and got amazing results very quickly. It blew my mind - especially when I started to add an additional £1,500, £3,000 & £6,000 to my monthly income for each VIP program I sold.

And then the magic REALLY started....

Suddenly I was visible! As if by magic clients were coming to ME. High-end joint venture partners were approaching me to speak on their International teleseminars and telesummits.

I was being invited to speak at events around the UK. I was now able to reach new audiences with very little effort AND without having to spend too much time away from my son! And guess what? It brought in new clients too!


"Your transformation is quite literally a thought and decision away!"


In fact, I have been able to...

:: Generate as much as £18K in less than ONE month

:: Sell a range of high-end coaching & mentoring packages with confidence and ease

:: Create a range of home study programs which I sell from my website day and night and generate passive revenue whilst I spend time with my son

:: Create the yearlong Footloose & Fancy Free Business School which generates consistent guaranteed income each and every month and ensures that my bills are paid even when I am not working

:: Take on a virtual assistant to support me and give me the space to spend quality time with my son and focus on the things I LOVE and do BEST

:: Hire an au pair to take care of my son whilst we travel/work overseas 

:: Shortlisted for a Women Inspiring Women National Award

:: Featured in the book "Inside the Entrepreneur's Mind: What Makes the Real Life Business Owner Want to Risk it All" (Gary Gorman 2012)

:: Live a location independent lifestyle and host international retreats in Florence, Italy and Thailand whilst working with clients from around the world

:: Work with amazing IDEAL clients in a truly powerful and deeply rewarding way, whilst still working from home and supporting myself and my young son - even as a lone parent!

:: Work with other mentors to get the on-going help and support and continue up-levelling in my business and life

:: PLUS, I've been able to develop my awareness and build a level of freedom into my business that has enabled me to say "YES" to my dreams

This is just one of the places I've hosted international retreats for my clients!

This is just one of the places I've hosted international retreats for my clients!

"Just know that anything you desire is ABSOLUTELY possible"

Listen, I'm not sharing this because I'm trying to impress you. However, I am sharing it to impress upon you that anything you desire is ABSOLUTELY possible. You too can claim your financial destiny and say "YES" to your abundance and wealth... and it starts right here, right now!

It's an unbelievable feeling when you've been pushing so hard and struggling for so long. And then suddenly you’re able to reproduce the steps each and every month to bring in a consistent flow of IDEAL high-paying clients and cash-on-demand!

Once you understand what the steps are, how to do them and in what order, you'll be amazed at just how simple this can be.

All you have to do is DECIDE!

If you know that NOW is your time and you've made the DECISION to experience the joy, creativity and freedom of entrepreneurial success, let's talk.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and I'm here to do the journey with you. 

BIG love,

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