How to Be SO Addictive Your Dream Clients Will Swoon!

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored with your business. There’s nothing more draining than feeling like a fake, trying to be something you’re not. Who wants to fit into a box any way?

Worst still, there’s nothing more under par than BEING BORING... and I’m sure your clients will say, “Hell yeh!” to that one too!

When it comes to business you wanna build yourself a fan base. If you’re going to go to all of that effort to set up on your own, why not create something that’s super exciting, enlivening, and has you jumping out of bed each day?

In fact, your potential posse of devotees want to have a phenomenal experience with you at every interaction. You want for them to be scouring Facebook, their inbox and the Internet for whatever juicy tid-bit they can get their hands on in relation to you. 

So what should you be doing to rallying a posse of die-hard fans that love what you do and hang on your every word? 

Answer? Break some rules baby!

The great thing about doing your own thing is just that – you can blooming well do what the hell you like and nobody can do anything about it. (Ohhhh, I’m such a rable-rouser!) 

You have carte blanche to go full out... and in case you need it, I give you full permission to do so. In fact, you can show up as 100% percent YOU in ALL of your glory – quirky, weird, funky or otherwise.

So here are some whizz-bang golden nuggets to jazz up your client interactions, bring the red-hot sassy YOU into the mix, and build your own posse of die-hard fans.

:: Create For Delicious IDEAL Clients, NOT Everyone

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, nor should you try. Truth is, there’s always gonna be a nay-sayer who wants to p*ss on your fire. But that’s okay, it’s horses for courses. For every hater there will a hundred super stars that totally LOVE and devour all that you do. These are your “dream team peeps,” and those that you want to focus on, be in community with, and serve.

:: Make Up Your Own Lingo Baby!

Have you ever tried wading through a huge chunk of heavy going literature online? It’s one of the fastest ways to glaze over and click away...And that’s true of your tribe too. 

There’s nothing more monotonous than reading a huge block of text written in Queen’s English. So, add some pizzazz to your writing. Write as you speak, use “on brand” terms, keep jargon to a minimum, and be fun, conversational and engaging. Okay, so you may not receive a gold star from teacher, but hey, you’ll have your groupies salivating and screaming, “More, more, more!”

:: Be R.E.A.L!

Ever feel like you’re gonna be found out?

If I had a tenner for every time I heard someone say, “I don’t feel that I’m good enough. I feel like an imposter,” I’d be rolling in the £££’s by now. 

Truth is; transparency totally ROCKS (and I find it to be very lucrative too)! There’s nothing more disarming and appealing to your die-hard fans than being straight up honest. Nobody is perfect and there’s nothing more icky than those that pretend to be.

Just remember. Your “dream team peeps” wanna connect with you as a human being with all of your flaws and foibles, rather than a faceless business. You don’t have to be an expert in everything. You don’t need to know everything. You just need to be a few steps ahead of, and honest with, those that you serve. They will love you for it. Besides, if there’s one thing I know about us Brits, it’s that we luuuurve the “Underdog!”

:: Put ALL Of Your Awesomeness Into Everything

All-in-all, my point here is....YOU my darling, TOTALLY ROCK! 

You have your own brand of uniqueness. You have your own unique DNA. You’re one in a million already. When it comes to you there is no competition. All you have to do is inject more YOU into everything you do. Bring all of your passions, lifestyle choices, lingo, foibles and fanatical habits to the table. Those that love you are gonna love you even more!

In the same way your best gal-pals were magnetically drawn to you, so too will your posse of raving fans. Girl, this is the age of personal branding, and if you don’t embrace it your business will be DUST! 

Posted on March 25, 2014 .