How to Create an Irresistible Cocktail Line

What if I told you that you that could stand out in the crowd, be magnetically attractive to your dream clients, and immediately have people sit up and pay attention when you tell them what you do? The reality is that you can, but before I go into how, let me first explain why...

Those of you who know me will know that I'm a great advocate of designing your business in a way that is a true and exciting expression of ALL that you are.

After all, as coaches and consultants, we are our brand. The beauty of being a solo entrepreneur is that you can break the rules a little. You can colour outside the lines (no nosy boss peering over your shoulder here thank you very much!) 

Why not make everything in your business something that you enjoy, something that has pizzazz and represents the fact that you're 100% uniquely YOU!

When you approach things in this way two very magical things happen...

1) You'll filter out anyone who is not a good fit for your business (farewell nightmare clients) 

2) You'll exude passion and personality, which is super attractive to the dream peeps that you were put on this earth to serve (hello clients who are a joy and pleasure to work with!)

In today's post I share how you can put more YOU into your business right from the get-go, by creating a super irresistible, attention-getting "cocktail line!" 

:: What is a 'Cocktail Line' Anyway?

I know your first question is gonna be, "What the hell is a cocktail line? What's that gotta do with business?"

Well, cocktails have EVERYTHING to do with business in my world. In fact, I'm literally practicing what I preach here. I host regular Business Social Soirees as a way of connecting and engaging with my audience...because it's FUN, I lurrrve cocktails and it's a great business activity. Plus I like to create any excuse to get outta 'mummy mode' and dressed up (hello high heels - ohhhh sexy lady!)

So just picture this for a second... 

There you are at said cocktail soiree. You're sipping on a chilled dirty martini, mingling, and meeting lots of fabulous people. So what do you say when someone asks you, "What do you do?"  

What you say in those few moments can make you feel totally amaz-balls, show off your very best assets, and get people clamoring for your attention and thinking, "Who IS this girl? I wanna know more!"

It's the difference between someone walking away from the conversation non-the-wiser, never to be seen again, or someone coming further into your world eager to find out more.

Let's get to work and make sure that you are experiencing the latter.

Are you ready?

:: Create Your Sizzling Cocktail Line

You may have thought that you would read this post and that would be that. However, I've actually set you a challenge to encourage you to get into action NOW.

To make this simple I've created a fill-in-the-blanks template that you can tweak and fine-tune with all of your juicy personality-rich details. Once you've done that I invite you to post your cocktail line in the comments section below. 

...And guess what? 

I'll be dishing out prizes (delivered direct to your doorstep) for the cocktail line that has the most irresistible charm + pizzazz. Think lush home office swag and guilty pleasure chocolate boxes (ooooh, delicious!)

So, are you ready to DO this?

Lets' GO! 


Hi there, I’m _____________.

I work with / I support / I train / I coach / I consult with / I serve people who …

: love …

: hate …

: need …

: can’t figure out how to …

: struggle to …


I help them / I support them / I coach them / I train them / I show them how to …

: have more _____________, while sprinkling in a little _____________.

: get more _____________, while making it feel like _____________.

: deal with _____________, while getting more _____________.

: get exactly what they want, which is _____________.

: bring more _____________ into their lives.

: turn _____________ into _____________.

: resolve _____________, once + for all.

: look and feel totally _____________.

See, I made it super simple for you!

:: You're Always a Work in Progress

One last caveat before we finish up. Just remember that none of this is set in stone. As your business grows and evolves, so too will you and your message.

Let your cocktail line be a work in progress. Revisit this exercise often so that you can spruce up your message and keep things funky and fresh.

Now it's your turn. Over to you my love...Go ahead and post your cocktail line below in the comments to stand a chance of winning some gorg. office swag and chocs-galore!

Can't wait to read them.

Posted on August 12, 2015 and filed under BUSINESS.