How to Get Out of a Business Funk


As women entrepreneurs who work from home it can be easy to get stuck in a 'business funk!'

You know the deal....

You sit staring at your laptop for hours without ever achieving anything.

Procrastination and distraction rule the day. The idea or doing housework or running errands suddenly becomes WAY more appealing than actually doing some work.

Perhaps the inspiration has dried up, or you're stuck in indecision about what to do next. In the worst case scenario you may be literally paralysed with fear and doubt, unable to move forward.

If that's you don't be hard on yourself. It's actually very common. We call it...

'The curse of the entrepreneur!'

Even the most organised and well put together women in business hit a wall of overwhelm at certain points in their life. 

In this video I share 6 powerful steps to help you breakthrough your blocks and get out of overwhelm, so that you can feel re-motivated and inspired for action.

I hope this serves you...and please do share how YOU get out of a business funk over at my Inspired to Greatness community. I'd love to get to know you better. 

Have you lost that lovin' feeling for your biz? Are you determined that THIS year is going to be the year that your biz breaks through into profitability?

If that's you don't struggle alone. Reach out and let's have a chat. (I'm here to help!)

Together we can take a look at what's keeping you stuck. Plus I'll share some steps to get you unstuck, motivated, inspired and quickly experiencing the joy, creativity and freedom of entrepreneurial success.

Bring on 2017! Whoop! 

Posted on January 19, 2017 and filed under MINDSET.