How to Smash Your Bold Money Goals By The End of 2015

What if I told you that you could double, or even triple your monthly income and totally SMASH your bold money goal before the year is through? The reality is that you can, but before I go into how, let me first explain why…

Here we are in the month of November. Already I've had numerous conversations with women who appear to be allowing their business activities to wind down on the basis that, "We're coming up to Christmas and nobody will be buying!"

Let me give you a super quick reality check... 

If you're a coach or consultant this can be one of THE most lucrative seasons of the year. In fact, in my own business December has historically been one of my easiest and highest revenue generating months ever.

Yes, it's true there's a lot going on. It's a busy few months with Christmas presents to be bought, parties to attend, and all of the expenditure that goes with it. 

However on the flip side, our potential clients are also experiencing a deep underlying feeling, that yet another year is about to come to an end, and STILL things (the problem you could help them with) haven't changed.  

Rather than allow your income generating activities to peter out, NOW is the time to crank things up a level. This is the perfect time to serve your tribe more powerfully going forward into 2016 - not to mention the fact that you'll maximise your cash flow and make December a REAL season to be jolly! (Ho, ho, ho!) 

Check out my simple action steps below that will have you realigning your mindset, so that you're 100% focused on activities that will enable you to smash your bold money goals by the end of 2015!

Ready for a financial uplevel? Great...let's do it!


One of the reasons so many women in business are not meeting their bold money goal, is that they're shooting in the dark. They don't have enough clarity about what exactly it is that they want. Nor do they have the motivating force to go out and make it happen.

There isn't one of us that's in business for the money alone. It's what that money can DO for our life that matters most. So what is it that YOU want? What would totally rock your world and make your heart sing? What goals would the woman who is living your dream life make? What is it that lights you up so much, that you'd move heaven and earth to make it happen?

When you set a vision or goal for your life in this way - in a way that's utterly juicy and compelling - you'll be jumping up out of bed each and every day in full-on excitement to make that shizzle happen! 

THIS is the thing that will propel your business forward quickly in the last few months of the year. THIS will be the motivating force behind everything you do. THIS is what's going to help you stretch yourself into newfound financial abundance.


Once you're clear on your big audacious goal you'll be better able to gain clarity on the exact amount of money you need to bring that into reality. 

So many women never met their financial goals because they're charging for their services based upon what they THINK people will pay, rather than on what they actually NEED to generate. This keeps them stuck financially and in just getting by mode.

The beauty of having your own business is that you can have IT support your lifestyle choices. When you're clear on how much you need to generate each month, you can then begin to create packages and programs that actually fast-track you to that income goal in the shortest time possible.  


If you've been taking the stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap approach to your business success, stop! This is not going to get you to where you want to go in the time frame you have available. 

Truth is, unless you're a big internet marketer you're not in a position to make really great money by selling lower end offers. You simply don't have the list size, time, or the reach to make that your reality. 

The key here is to keep your end goal in mind. If you want to experience a financial breakthrough you need to restructure your offers in a way that has you working with fewer clients at a higher level .

So for example, if you wish to make £10K per month by the end of the year, you'll want to create a 90-day package or something similar, which sells at around £3,000. This means that you'll very easily meet your bold money goal simply by enrolling 4 new clients each month, which is very realistic and easily doable.


So far you know what you're offering, what your price point is, and exactly how many clients you need to enrol each month in order to meet that bold money goal. But what's the fastest way to bring those clients into your world?

If you have the ability to speak, then you also have the ability to enrol new clients on demand. However, much of your success will be defined by your ability to host a powerful enrolling conversation that converts a high ratio of participants into paying clients.

You'll need to adopt a powerful mindset for sales, have pre-qualified potential clients, know what to say during the enrolling conversation, and know how to handle objections confidently.

With the system for enrolling that I teach, you can expect 1 in 3 conversation to convert into a paying client. That means that you'll need to generate 12 enrolling conversations per month to ensure that you meet your target of 4 new clients and £10K.


Next up you've got to be thinking about how you're going to generate those 12 calls? What lead generation activities will you implement to ensure that you have a consistent flow of enrolling conversations coming into your world?

Of course you want to choose strategies that suit your personal style, strengths, and the ethos of your business. However, to begin you may decide to use social media strategies, host a virtual training such as a teleseminar or webinar, do an email promotional campaign, get out speaking, host a small invitation only event, or use Facebook or Instagram ads.

The key to your success with all of this is to position yourself as the go-to expert, provide extreme amounts of value, and build the know, like and trust factor with your audience. 

Just remember, we may be moving swiftly towards the end of the year, but this really is NOT the time to give up. In fact, this is the IDEAL time for you to experience a financial breakthrough. 

If you've been struggling along for the past 6 months, lacking clients, and lacking results I'm here to help. Join me on a complimentary 60-minute call. We'll go through the specifics of these steps and create a personalised plan for your business that meets your goals and has you quickly smashing your bold money goals by the end of this year. 

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