Inspired to Greatness Show: Being Rich Is An Inside Job with Audra Duffy

Today I'm very excited to announce that we have the fabulous Audra Duffy, aka the "Wealth Mistress", joining us on this week's Inspired to Greatness Show.

Together we discuss the subject of money and how to gain awareness around why you are not achieving the level of financial success you truly desire, and what you can do TODAY to turn things around.

On the show you will learn:-

  • How your emotions are the real driving force behind your financial success – or not
  • The connection between your past and how it impacts directly on your present money situation – and if you don’t do something about it, your financial future 
  • Why you MUST nurture your money like any other relationship if you want it to support you, and 3 simple steps on how to do this
  • How dealing with your own money ‘stuff’ will enable you to charge more, get more business and create consistent cash flow.
  • 3 common sabotage behaviours that are preventing you from making the money you truly desire
Posted on April 7, 2014 .