Is the ‘Story’ of Your Life Keeping You Stuck in Your Business?

Every day I meet women who are struggling in their business. Struggling because nobody is saying “Yes” to their offers. Struggling because they can't find the money and/or time to make things happen, and thus can't afford the help they so desperately need.

Sound familiar?

The biggest problem throughout is that women become accustomed to their struggle. They tell their ‘story’ of lack so often that they begin to believe it. They say to themselves, “When I have more [money/time/experience] I’ll be able to [insert desired outcome].”

Your story of lack becomes a predominant thought that’s stuck on replay.

Without knowing it women are replaying the very thing that they don’t want on autopilot day and night. Eventually it’s internalised and becomes a limiting belief. The very thing you DON’T want begins to show up in your experience over and over again, and reaffirms the unwanted as truth.

As a result women live with the pain of their unwanted situation for longer than they need to. They're so accustomed to it that they become anesthetised to their struggle. Their feelings of lack and ‘not enough’ become the norm. Eventually they’re reduced to being trapped by the ‘story’ and limitation of their situation.

I experienced something similar myself. At the time my son was 2 years old. I’m a lone parent and we don’t see or receive support or financial help from my son’s father. This had become my story of lack. I felt burnt out and overwhelmed by the sheer weight and responsibility of bringing up a child alone without support.

Being a good mother, being present for my son, running a business full time, keeping house, whilst having to “bring in the bacon” single handed, felt like an insurmountable challenge that held me back from showing up fully in my business.

My lesson came when I realised that it wasn’t my situation that was holding me back from all that I desired, but the ‘story’ I attached to it. It was the story that I was telling myself about my situation that pinched me off from the wealth of abundance that was available to me. My situation didn’t change at all, but the shift in my awareness did, and allowed a flood of miraculous opportunities to open up.

So today I want to share 2 essential entrepreneurial mindset shifts that will help you transform your story of lack into a story of success and abundance, so that you can experience the very thing you're struggling to receive.

Mindset Shift #1: Choose to See Opportunity in Every Challenge

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the discomfort and lack of an unwanted situation. We get so caught up in fighting through the unwanted, that we fail to see the opportunity that is sitting there right in front of us. It’s as though we are unable to see the bushes for the trees!

Where there is lack, there is always opportunity. So be mindful of where you choose to put your attention. You'll uncover choices that you may not have previously been aware of.

Before too long you’ll be making decisions that empower you, thus moving you away from the unwanted, and rapidly towards the success you desire.

Don’t keep making the same decisions and expect a different outcome!

Mindset Shift #2: There is Something for You to Learn Within Every Challenge

Every business challenge is a gift. Every challenge shows up wearing different clothing. It may show up dressed as pain, self doubt, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of someone saying “No,” feelings of not good enough, challenge, lack of time, lack of money, exhaustion, overwhelm, trouble with the kids, trouble with hubby or even illness.

Just know that everything you desire is right behind each of those challenges. In the same way that we find the most beautiful and precious diamond deep within the earth’s crust among the hardest of rocks, so too will you find the glorious breakthrough among the hardest of your challenges.

Walk through these consistently, and you'll soon be experiencing the joy, success, financial freedom and a true sense of achievement that comes with an entrepreneurial breakthrough.

Don’t let your story of lack dictate your reality. Know that I believe in you. Know that you have what it takes to reach new levels of excellence in your business. And remember that your breakthrough and transformation is quite literally a thought and DECISION away… and I’m here to help if you need me!

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Posted on December 28, 2013 and filed under MINDSET.