Join The #COMMIT2017 Movement

Hello my love-bug!

If there's one thing that I'm TRULY passionate about, it's helping you step more fully into ALL that you're meant for.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing YOU shine! (Twinkle, twinkle)

As we roll into the final month of the year I've been thinking about how we, as a community of women entrepreneurs, can make it count - for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the larger community that we serve as a whole.

And so I've had an idea...

Rather than wind things down as we reach the end of 2015, why not take some small RIGHT ACTIONS every day that will...


  • Spark your genius

  • Lay the foundations for an extraordinary 2017

  • See the year out with a big and beautiful BANG?


And sooooo, I'd love to invite you to join me for...

So what's this about, I hear you ask?

Well, the #COMMIT2017 Movement will help you:-


  • Step more fully into your PURPOSE

  • Increase CLIENTS + CASH FLOW

  • Experience more ABUNDANCE + CREATIVITY

  • Take aligned ACTION every day

  • Create a JOYFUL business + life you love!


So, what do you think. Are you up for it?

Here's how it works:


  1. Every day I'll post over at the Inspired to Greatness Group on Facebook. (Click to request free access here.)
  2. Don't worry. I know you're time is valuable, so I'll be giving you just ONE short and to-the-point bite sized activity that you can do in just TWO minutes.
  3. Next, share in the comments section for feedback, encouragement, accountability and support from yours truly and the other amazing "ITGirls" in our community.
  4. We'll add up each of these small RIGHT ACTIONS every day and just sit back and as they slowly but surely have a MASSIVE impact on your biz! (Hello joyful life!)


Listen, this isn't just about DOING MORE SHIT, adding more overwhelm to our already overbrimming to-do list.

It's about creating a sense of community, SISTERHOOD, CAMARADERIE and CONNECTION.

It's about...

Creating change one step at a time!

There isn't one of us who wants to do this thing called 'business' in isolation.

...And I know if you're connected to me, half the purpose behind what you do is about finding your own unique place in the world - and having a community of sistas who have your back!

What will be the outcome for you?


  • Gain clarity on what worked and didn't work in 2016

  • Create a strategic business plan for the year ahead

  • Get clear on your money + profit goals

  • Map out new revenue streams

  • Create a plan for marketing successfully

  • Plan your social media goals 

  • Be clear on your support and mastermind goals 

  • And much more!


Take small affirmative steps EVERY SINGLE DAY.


SAY "YES" to yourself now and ensure 2017 is your most EXTRAORDINARY year yet!

Posted on December 7, 2016 and filed under GOSSIP.