Red Hot Gossip: Home Moving, Pink Hair + Sisterhood!

Hello my lovely,

Welcome to my very first Red Hot Gossip post.

This week I'm trying something a little different. I'm not quite sure how this will go down, but hey ho, I'm putting it out there anyway.


What's the deal with Red Hot Gossip?

I'm getting slightly more personal that's what.

Instead of my usual business how-to info, which I'll still be delivering, I thought it might be fun to share a little about what's going on behind the scenes here at VP HQ.

In this day and age there seems to be so much polish. So much perfection. So much facade. So much of the stuff we consume via the Internet and social media seems like a carbon copy of the person before.

And let's face it. Although I love and obsess over all things business, it can get a little samey after a while.


What keeps me coming back for more...

This got me thinking about the people who's content I consume on a regular basis.

What is it that keeps me coming back for more?

It's the people who are 'real.' The people who put a human face to their business. The people who show more of their life and personality. 

This reinforces what I teach to my clients...

People want to know more about YOU. They want to know what makes you tick. They want to know that you're not just a nameless, faceless business. They want to know the person behind the brand.

And so today I want to share a little about what's been going on in my world. 



You may have noticed it's been a bit quiet around here lately...but boy, do I have LOADS to share with you.

It feels like there has been sooo much going down here at VP HQ.

I've had a house move. Big shifts in the way I want to do business. Plus some exciting announcements. (More on that in a mo!)

First off, I'm having a change of scenery. You know what they say... a change is as good as a rest. So I've recently moved to the glorious Sussex countryside (see pics above) where I'll be staying for the summer.

There's also been a change for me physically. Beware the gratuitous selfie!

Some of you who follow me on social may have noticed that my hair had been getting lighter and lighter over the past few months.

Well, just before my move I thought eff it! Why not go the WHOLE hog and grow old disgracefully.

I may be having a midlife crisis, but I'm totally digging this pink hair! What do you think? Totes on brand?



I've been giving my online home a bit of a make over with more to come in the coming weeks. (Feel free to make yourself at home and look around.)


I consider business to be like art. It's the canvas on which we paint our lives. We can design it to be a true and exciting expression of ALL that we are.


So this will be my new canvas on which I get creative and share what's on my mind.

One of the other things I'm committed to doing this year is to work less, serve more, make more money, and TOTALLY streamline and simplify EVERYTHING I do.

Many of you may remember last summer that I hurt my back in a BIG WAY. It meant that I was bed-bound and did very little in the way of work for almost 8 months.

However, my business continued to support me financially throughout that time even though I was working way less than I ever have done in my life. (What a relief!)

But here's the thing. Within this lay a very profound lesson...


You don't need to work hard to make really great money in your biz!


My back situation helped me realise that I'd been working waaaay harder than I needed to.

It demonstrated that, with the right systems and structures in place, you can have your business run like a well oiled machine and be profitable without constantly being present 24/7.

....I mean, why work harder than you have to?

From this point forward I'm going to be doing a whole lot more streamlining and simplifying.

Plus I'll be sharing exactly how I do this within my new look Footloose & Fancy Free Business School.

Over the coming weeks and months the Footloose & Fancy Free Biz School will also be getting a facelift. 

Think new branding. Re-structured content. Heaps more value in the form of new in-depth courses. Basically everything and anything you need to get bigger results faster, so that you can experience the joy, creativity and freedom of entrepreneurial success. All tucked up nicely in one easy to access yearlong program. 

Most exciting of all, I've already kicked things off by adding a brand new online course. 

Many of you may remember I hosted a complimentary training recently titled, "How to Go From Zero to Fully Booked in Under Six Months."

You can still access it here.  

During the training I shared details of my Get Clients in 30-Days Intensive.

However, I've been speaking to a lot of women who would love to do the Intensive, but just can't quite make the financial investment to work with me privately. 

So I had an idea... 

I've put together a course, delivering exactly the same content as my private intensive, but this time it's accessible online via the Footloose & Fancy Free Business School at a very affordable monthly investment.
I want to make this accessible to the people who need it most...those of you who want to attract 3, 5, or even 10 new clients in 30 days or less. 

Here are the results Sofie experienced from doing the course...

Other clients have...

  • Enrolled new clients within 15 minutes of releasing new programs
  • Created a minimum of 3 new high-paying clients in 30 days
  • Generated repeat 4 & 5-figure months
  • Received a complete return on their investment in under 30 days
  • Even when working just 3 afternoons per week in their biz


If you're interested in learning more about the Get Clients in 30 Days course or the Footloose & Fancy Free Business School I invite you to join me for a 2-hour complimentary Business Breakthrough Session . This is for new and emerging women entrepreneurs like yourself who are ready to attract their first – or next – clients in as short a time as possible.  

And finally, my last bit of red hot gossip...

This past week I had a full day of business visioning with my new Inspired Sister Circle (see pic above).

There has always been a certain spark when women gather together with other women for connections, conversations and business growth...and this little power posse will surely keep me fired up and on track with my goals for the rest of the year. 

Watch this space for more exciting stuff to come!

Live love
Give love
Be love

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