• Work with Premium clients?

  • Have a greater impact?

  • Work in a deeper, more fulfilling & delicious way?

  • Turn your monthly income into your daily income

  • Have your business support a luxe lifestyle?

  • ...and all with as little as ONE new client? 

This Small Group Intensive is a fun, fiercely smart in-Depth Training tailored to Ambitious Coaches who want to have a bigger impact, rapidly up-level their business and elevate their income.

I'll take you by the hand and share everything you ever wanted to know about designing, pricing, marketing and delivering lucrative luxury VIP Days and 1-Day Coaching Intensives... even if you're new in business and don't yet have a fancy website, brand or list.





We'll spend 8 Weeks completely immersed in the detailed ins and outs of the Creation of this super profitable and business transforming revenue stream.

I'll provide in-depth step-by-step guidance, An implementation Plan, Heaps of encouragement, Accountability and a massive dose of inspiration no matter what your stage of business development, from absolute newbie Coach to total pro. 

This Small Group Intensive is for new & experienced coaches who have a passion for their profession and a desire to work in a deeper more fulfilling way, whilst radically elevating their income.

Join me, Victoria Player, as I walk you through how to quickly add lucrative high impact, high-end Coaching Intensives to your Coaching business, so that you can transform your money story and start saying "YES" to your dreams.




"Working 1:1 With Victoria Was Exactly What I Needed To Launch My Business. I Gained Total Clarity Over My Business Idea, Niche, Marketing And Sales I Needed To Become Visible And Attract The Right Kind Of Clients.

Within A Few Weeks, I Went From Dreams And Doubts To A Thriving Business And Confidence In My Offering. I Was Blown Away By How Much I Was Able To Achieve In Such A Short Amount Of Time With Her Guidance.

Within My First Month Of Business, I Far Exceeded My Corporate Salary (Despite Being In A Well Paid City Job). I’m So Glad I Went For It As Could Not Have Done It Without Her – My Only Regret Is Not Working With Her Sooner!"

~ Alexa Brown, Business Coach




  • You're new in business. You want to leapfrog past the faulty business model of trading 'hours-for-pounds.' You want to lay down the RIGHT foundations for a rewarding and highly profitable business right from the get-go

  • You already have a business. You're making some money, but you're caught up in the grind of too much work, not enough time. You’re ready to ramp things up so that you're turning your monthly income into your daily income without working harder

  • You recognise that you’ve been playing small (under charging and over delivering). You know it's time to put yourself in the game and take your business to the next level

  • You need to generate income quickly. You want to attract committed high-end clients that show up fully, do the work, give 110% + happily pay your fees

  • You’ve been looking for something simple to launch — that pays off big — that doesn’t involve complex or lengthy marketing campaigns



"When I First Started Working With Victoria I Had A Few Clients That Were Paying Me £60 Per Session. These Clients Would Do A Short Course Of Sessions Then Disappear. I Was Also Trying To Fill A Webinar Course That Nobody Wanted To Take.

Victoria Helped Me Create My Premium Packages And With Her Guidance I Sold 5 VIP Days For £1,500 In The Last Weeks Of December. By The End Of January I Enrolled Another 3 Clients Into My 6-Month Package At £3,000 Each Directly From An Invitation Only Live Event."

~Jessica Jones, Business Coach



  • Generate £1K, £2K or even £5K THIS month!

  • Experience the peace of mind that comes with greater financial security

  • You don't need to have a big list, a website or be established in business 

  • You only need ONE client to get started with no lengthy marketing campaigns

  • Create a higher level of transformation for clients in a shorter time-frame

  • A joyful & expansive way of serving clients in destinations that make your heart sing

  • A highly portable & profitable way of working with clients on an international basis 



“If You're Struggling, Don’t Give Up. There Is A Way To Experience Magical Transformation. You CAN Step Forward And Claim The Business, Income And Lifestyle You Truly Desire, While Being Of Great Service To Others - And I'm Here To Help You!”


If you're feeling burnt out and you want to get your business into profitability quickly read on. That was exactly my situation 10 years ago when I first started my business. I've dealt with the good, the bad and the ugly! I've made mistakes and I've had massive wins. 

Adding high-ticket services to my business is exactly what helped me to get out of just getting by mode and into being paid handsomely for doing what I love. It's what can help YOU to expand into new and exciting possibilities too. If I can do it, you can as well...

I transitioned from being a broke lone parent with a newborn facing life on Benefits (Welfare) to generating over £30K+ in just a couple of months. This allowed me to move to a bigger home, hire support and an au pair, travel, live and work overseas and serve clients from around the world. 

I want to share ALL of the how-to and my greatest lessons with you in this in-depth Small group Virtual Intensive packed full of knowledge, wisdom, tricks, tips and deep insights.




  • The secret to discovering what your clients REALLY want your help with (this is the key that will unlock unlimited potential and a goldmine of exciting VIP Day topics)

  • 6 Ways to use VIP Days to add value to your business without additional work or planning

  • How to craft irresistible client attractive VIP Day titles that immediately captures the hearts and minds of your IDEAL clients

  • Exactly how to structure your day, step-by-step, whether it’s in-person or virtually to ensure that you’re providing maximum value for your clients without making them overwhelmed (this is critical if you ever hope to generate repeat business)

  • Simple "stick" strategies to immediately begin delivering value and help your Intensive client get excited about your upcoming day together

  • The exact juicy value-added gems to add to your Intensive to take it from average to truly irresistible

  • The "cherry-on-the-top" bonus every client will think you're a darling for including (that only costs you pennies to provide)


  • How to eradicate the question of, "What should I charge for high-end?" and "What will my clients willingly pay for?"

  • What language to use: what to say, and what NOT to say when talking about money and your prices

  • My HOT deposit pricing tips that you MUST have in place to ensure that you never risk being out of pocket

  • How to make it super simple for your clients to say "YES", even if they're working to a tight budget (they will totally love you for this!)

  • My "power tip" that stops new clients getting cold feet and backing out of working with you after they have agreed to sign up for your program


  • Location, location, location: Important elements to consider when choosing a VIP Day venue

  • My done-for-you minute-by-minute plan detailing what to do and when, to ensure that your VIP Day is professional, smooth-running, luxurious and an unforgettable experience

  • The final "cherry-on-the-top" touches that make your clients feel that you've gone that extra mile (this alone will have them singing your praises!)

  • My stellar money-spinning VIP Day "upsell" that can generate you an additional £3,000 - £10,000 in income every time you use it and a continuous flow of income from a single VIP Day

  • What to say to authentically and confidently "seed" your VIP Day client wanting more so that they are clamoring to continue working with you


  • My top 4 HOT marketing strategies that generate a flood of eager VIP Day client enquires in as little as 24 hours

  • My step-by-step no-brainer marketing action plan detailing the exact sequence of what to do and when, so that you never have to stop and wonder "What's next?"

  • My powerful formulas and tips for writing about your offer in a way that's super juicy and super compelling and has your clients jumping to take action and register TODAY!

  • What you absolutely MUST have in place to ensure that you are only attracting those that are "serious" about working with you

  • My done-for-you marketing templates that you can use immediately to start promoting your own VIP Day Right away



WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THIS small group intensive?


You'll receive workbooks packed full of done-for-you materials, outlines, checklists, templates + scripts. This will save you having to take notes + cut your implementation time in half. Just plug in the specifics for your biz and off you Go!


I'll give you everything you need to get inspired + motivated for action. I'll walk you through exactly what you need, in detail and step-by-step. I'll leave no stone unturned. Workshops will be released On a Monday, but you can also access them at your leisure. 


Got questions? Want to know how this content works for your specific business? I want to see you get Amazing results with this and a full return on Your investment. That's why I will be on hand daily & checking in on you to Keep you accountable & Fully supported Through the implementation of this program. 


Join me at my brand-spanking-new 'clients only' Facebook group. I'll be hosting livestreams to take your questions, giving you regular doses of Money & mindset Mastery tips, plus feedback on assignments, So that you stay ON TRACK to Quickly doubling your income. I'll Also be Opening Up my phone line so you can call in and speak to me personally.



I want you to be able to access this powerful training wherever you are in the world without the travel time and expensive hotel rooms associated with live events. That's why I'm bringing these in-depth workshops right to your home!

This Intensive training will be held online with ample opportunity for you to interact with myself and other attendees within our private members area. Plus you get a replay of each workshop to add to your success library.

I'm also focused upon you getting RESULTS. I absolutely know that you can double your return on investment before this program is through, but implementation is key. That's why I'll be on hand to support you daily throughout the course of this program. 




If you want to experience radical shifts in your business and massively improve the quality of your life, it doesn’t happen by accident. You can't keep relying upon "wish" and "hope" as a strategy for business success. 

You can't keep doing what you've always done and expect a different outcome. Living on autopilot will bring you more of the same. The decision to grow takes just that -- a DECISION. 

However, once you decide and take action toward that decision, the Universe takes notice and starts conspiring in your favour!





Date: Immediate start
Where: Online

Investment increases by £100 on 25th May 2018.

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