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How to Enrol with Soul without Being Pushy and Salesy

As a coach or consultant, it can be extremely disheartening when you’re having lots of enrolling conversations and none of them are converting into paying clients. It can feel like you’re relying upon wish and hope as a strategy for business success and can leave you doubting yourself and the viability of your business! 

Join me for this exciting in-depth training as I share my simple system for taking potential clients from interested to enrolled without being pushy and salesy. 

You will learn: 

  • The #1 mistake coaches make when enrolling and how this unintentionally sabotages the sale (not being prepared with the things they need – list the things they need)  

  • How to create an empowered mindset for sales so that you’re confident and authentically persuasive during the enrolling conversation (see steps in virtual workshop)  

  • What to do before your enrolling conversation so that you’re not wasting time with people who will never become a client (How to Weed Out "Freebie Seekers" Who Aren't Really Serious About Hiring You)  

  • The powerful enrolling process that has potential clients saying, “Yes, I want to work with YOU!” (the DS vs free sessions) 

  • How to create curiosity and desire so that potential clients feel confident about their buying decision and are eager to sign on the dotted line (DS outline, having the money talk, handling objections) 

  • The powerful tool that helps you stay on track and meeting your bold money goal every single month 

Discover a host of real-life, no-fluff and tangible steps that you can take away and implement immediately to get results when enrolling, so that you can banish financial insecurity for good and start sailing towards the business and lifestyle you desire. 

This event will be held at the Inspired to Greatness group on Facebook. Click the button below to request access to the group.


Hi! I'm Victoria Player, a business strategies, international speaker, online entrepreneur & founder of Inspired to Greatness.

I work with high-performing, powerful women coaches. Women who have a bias for action, a track record of success, and a passion for doing daring work.

I'll help you design a unique, rewarding + profitable business doing what you that supports your lifestyle, your bank balance + your family too! 

I aim to educate, motivate + inspire women to experience the joy, creativity and freedom of entrepreneurial success.