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Simple Secrets for Creating a Unique, Rewarding & Profitable Coaching Business Doing What You Love

Every woman has a money story.

And most women have money stories that hinder them from living a BIG life.

I know that was true for me. My money story kept me small, hidden and trapped.

I also know that by healing my money story I went from: 

  • A struggling lone parent living on Benefits (just £62 per week)
  • To generating over £30k within a 90-day period

BIG financial shift can happen in a very short space of time when you are on a clear and guided track.

When you know how to best use your skills, in a FOCUSED way you can create BIG income shift quickly.

Look what these women accomplished...



"Working 1:1 With Victoria Was Exactly What I Needed To Launch My Business. I Gained Total Clarity Over My Business Idea, Niche, Marketing And Sales I Needed To Become Visible And Attract The Right Kind Of Clients.

Within A Few Weeks, I Went From Dreams And Doubts To A Thriving Business And Confidence In My Offering. I Was Blown Away By How Much I Was Able To Achieve In Such A Short Amount Of Time With Her Guidance.

Within My First Month Of Business, I Far Exceeded My Corporate Salary (Despite Being In A Well Paid City Job). I’m So Glad I Went For It As Could Not Have Done It Without Her – My Only Regret Is Not Working With Her Sooner!"

~ Alexa Brown, Business Coach


"I completely turned my business around and more than doubled my income in 2016"

When I started Victoria's program I was struggling to figure out how to go from the 'trading my time for money' business model to group programs and private coaching packages. I spent so much time fumbling around and second guessing myself that I continued to fail miserably.

Thank goodness Victoria's program fell in my lap. In just a short time I learned how to: Create packages and programs...and more importantly how to market and sell them. I completely turned my business around and more than doubled my income in 2016. It was because of what I learned from Victoria that my decade long dream of long term international travel came true!

 Are you ready to transform your money story?

If you KNOW you're meant for more and you're TOTALLY ready to show up FULLY in your business and life, I invite you to join me for a brand new training series

At regular intervals over the coming weeks I'll be sharing:-
"Simple Secrets for Building a Lucrative & Thriving Business Doing What You Love."

  • How to up-level your business & up-level your life
  • How to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche
  • Powerful success secrets to skyrocket your visibility & get your message out in a big way! 
  • 10 Mindsets that are keeping your broke & in just getting by mode
  • The powerful steps to catapult you from struggling to super-successful in 6 months or less
  • How to transform your money story & create your dream business & life
  • And much more, plus I'll be taking your questions

These trainings will be delivered via livestream over at my Inspired to Greatness Group on Facebook. 

Be sure that your notifications are turned 'ON' so that you can be updated as soon as I go live!

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I can't wait to connect with you.