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Speaking Superstar

  • Online via Zoom Brighton United Kingdom (map)

Learn my complete, step-by-step system for quickly designing, marketing and presenting a compelling signature talk that wins hearts and minds, rapidly builds your list, and reliably transforms a high percentage of your audience into eager paying clients! 




Are you a coach or consultant?

  • Do you have a powerful message to get out into the world but don't know how to get booked for speaking gigs?
  • Perhaps speaking is the next step for you, but you lack confidence and feel nervous about standing up at the front of a room?
  • Do you worry about how to provide really great content and value without giving away so much that nobody wants to buy your offer?
  • Do you enjoy speaking in front of audiences, but wish you could make more money from it?
  • Do you want a powerful way to share your story, engage an audience, and inspire them to action without being pushy or 'salesy'?

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place!


Hi, I'm Victoria Player! I've been lucky enough to experience really great results with speaking right from the get-go. In fact, my very first speaking gig was a resounding success.

That night I walked away from an hour-long free talk to a group of just 30 people, with new clients and money in the bank! Better still, these same clients generated over £20K+ in revenue - more than I'd ever earned before!

Fast forward a little, and I've been invited to speak throughout the UK and internationally. Speaking has been one of my most treasured, enjoyable, and lucrative parts of my business...and it can be for you too. 




You want to learn the elements that need to take place 'behind the scenes,' so that your speaking engagements flow seamlessly, in a way that creates big sales results.  

Perhaps you've shied away from speaking altogether. You're unsure about how to get started. You've invested huge amounts of time and energy delivering a talk, only to come away empty handed.

Now let me tell you this...

Even if you don't do any other marketing in your business, speaking once or twice each month can literally generate £2K, £5K and £10K+ months with ease... from a simple one hour presentation that you can use again and again.

Now I don't know about you, but I'd call that a phenomenal return on your investment of time and energy. Cha-ching! :)

And that's EXACTLY why I've created this Speaking Superstar Intensive.


"Within days of completing the Speaking Superstar Intensive, I attracted 3 new clients from my very first speaking gig, PLUS an offer to be guest speaker at a bigger more prestigious event. Wowwee! Thank you so much for your focus and training. I knew you were the right person to work with." ~ Nicola Davin




During this 1-day Virtual Intensive I'll share heaps of in-depth content to get you fired up, motivated for action and stepping confidently into being your very own Speaking Superstar

But this training isn't only about learning the how-to. I'm ALL about the results and giving you the support to get what you need. Here are some of the other benefits...

  • Rapidly increase your visibility and become known as a recognised authority within your niche
  • Start marketing one-to-many instead of one-to-one so that you can maximize your efforts and triple your results (and income) in less time
  • Get your message out into the world in a way that's authentic and inspiring without being pushy or 'salesy'
  • Quickly build a list of people who have already pre-qualified themselves as being YOUR potential ideal clients 
  • Generate a consistent flow of Discovery Sessions (enrolling conversations) any time you need them, so you never have to wonder where your next clients and cash-flow is coming from
  • Generate big pay-days on demand and repeat and increased business in as little as 30-minutes!



1: The ABCs for Designing & Delivering a Compelling Client Attractive Talk

:: My detailed 8-step plan for designing a compelling signature talk that sells like hot cakes

:: The simple research process that will help you identify the exact speaking topics your audience most want to hear about

:: The irresistible client attractive technique that immediately sparks people's interest and guarantees a room full of potential ideal clients

:: My simple method to help you identify the key components and speaking points to include within your talk in order to provide valuable and interesting content 

:: How to select the right speaking offer and then design your talk around that so that your content flows seamlessly into sales with grace and ease 

:: My step-by-step formula for crafting a compelling story that captures the hearts and minds of your audience

:: The "setting the scene" process that paths the way for an authentic enrolling conversation without it sounding icky 

:: My proven "coaching from the stage" formula that provides great content, extreme value, and ensures your audience doesn't go home feeling short changed

:: The process that encourages half the room raises their hand and say "Yes" to a Discovery Session and how this leads to a glut of future sales!

:: How to enrol new clients even if you're not allowed to "sell from the stage"

:: My value-added tip to get everyone in the room on your list so that you can follow up with them later and generate further sales after the event

:: The powerful formula for authentically enrolling new clients from the front of the room without being 'salesy', so that you can create a rush of inquiries, registrations & praise at the end of your presentation

2: Marketing - How to Get Booked for High-Level Speaking Gigs

:: What to include in your Speaker Kit in order to be perceived as the "go-to expert" in your industry (Believe me, event hosts will love you for this!)

:: The step-by-step outline for crafting an attention-getting talk description that makes accepting you as a guest speaker an easy "Yes" by event hosts

:: How to craft a compelling speaker bio that elevates your expert status and powerfully demonstrates your skills and expertise 

:: 3 Cherry-on-the-top finishing touches that position you as the consummate professional that you are!

:: The email templates for successfully applying to networking speaking venues and large industry events and conferences

:: My simple tip that ensures event host respond quickly (and favourably) to your speaking proposal

:: The best places to pinpoint potential speaking venues that gather a room full of your ideal clients so that you don't have to

:: The day-by-day marketing action plan to help you fill your calendar with lucrative speaking invitations so that you can quickly boost your bottom line in as little as ONE month. Cha-ching!

:: My handy tip to help you build your reputation as a valued and professional speaker so that event hosts spread the word and promote for you!

3: Create Your Marketing Collateral - How to Authentically Maximise Client Conversions During & After the Speaking Event

::My simple formula for crafting your lead generating speaking offer

:: The one page document that builds your list, generates a raft of new Discovery Sessions and brings a flood of new clients into your world - and exactly when and how to use it (get this wrong and you'll sabotage your entire talk)
:: The checklist that delivers value to your audience and allows you to stay in touch with attendees after the event (This strategy alone can generate new clients and cash-flow weeks, month and even years down the line) 

:: What you need to accept sales/payments on the day of your presentation 

:: My stellar tip for enticing potential clients to sign on the dotted line today! 

:: My step-by-step system and flow chart for staying in touch with attendees and maintaining the relationship even after the event has finished



1-Day In-Depth Virtual Small Group Intensive:

The 1-day intensive will be held via online video conference meaning you can join us no matter where you live in the world. No need to travel or book expensive hotel rooms. You can literally be part of this exciting training without leaving your home. I'll be sharing everything you need in-depth and step-by-step. We'll leave no stone unturned. 

Recording of the Live Event:

Fancy joining us but can't make the live event on the 28th April? No worries, I've got that covered! 

As part of the Intensive you'll also receive a recording of the live event. This means you can attend the event even if you have other plans. Plus you can add it to your success library to listen to again and again to deepen your learning. 

Time For Q&A:

I know there may be moments when you have questions about how this super profitable revenue stream works for your specific business. No problems there! I'll be opening up the floor to take your questions at regular intervals as we go along throughout the day to ensure that you have the personalised help you need.

Done-For-You Workbooks:

These will be sent to you prior to the Intensive for you to download and print out in preparation for our day together. Your workbook includes outlines, checklists, templates and flow charts to cut your implementation time in half. I've literally done the work for you. Plus you have a repeatable system to hand that you can use over and over again to get results.

Private Member-Only Facebook Community:

Imagine having a high-level team of inspiring businesswomen available to you at your fingertips! When it's time to share a success, get extra help, get unstuck, attract an accountability partner or collaborate with others in your community, this members-only group is available to you, 24/7. Plus if you aren't able to attend the live Intensive, I'm on hand to take your questions as you listen into the replay.

As you can see I'm making this very easy for you to succeed using speaking. This is a very detailed intensive. I've literally done the thinking for you!



Early Bird Pricing: Book Before 10 am, Tuesday 24th April + Save £700!

Total Package Value: £997. Today's Investment: £297

Remember, just ONE new client will give you a complete return on investment!

Full event details will be sent to you via email within 24-48 hours of purchase. 

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Book a 15-minute Clarity Call today.

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