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Connect with some of the best & brightest intelligentsia. Enhance your network with savvy Entreprenesses you need to know! 

Welcome to inspired to greatness, Designed to inspire & Support women in the Creation of A Unique, Rewarding + Profitable Business Doing What They LOVE...One That Creates A Luxe Lifestyle & The Bank Balance To Support It!




INSPIRED TO GREATNESS is an elegant approach to networking, masterminding and business socialising for female entrepreneurs in the sophisticated surroundings of Sussex and London’s finest hotels, houses and venues. 

In my own search for networking I've found it difficult to find events that catered specifically to success minded women entrepreneurs who wish to work and network at a higher level. I’m a great believer in combining business with a little luxuriant pleasure. We women juggle so many things that it’s often difficult to find the time to put a bit of luxury back into our lives.

There has always been a certain spark when women gather together with other women for connections and conversations. There's that certain je ne sais quoi, that joie-de-vivre, that heartfelt passion and spirited creativity, something that is quite unique amongst communication between women - something that doesn't seem to arise in female-to-male interaction. 

My vision is to create something a little different - something that captures and celebrates the essence of all that is best about women. Out with boring networking and in with elegance and powerfully supportive relationships. This community is about mutually beneficial connections and sophisticated business socialising - based upon collaboration NOT competition!

No suits here, no thrusting of business cards in ones hand, just talented and inspiring (and inspired) women, who are coming together with a similar intention - to create a new paradigm for feminine business and wealth - all whilst having fun and doing it in style.

So ladies, get your best frock (and tiara!) on and get ready to connect with some of the best and brightest intelligentsia Brighton and London has to offer.

I look forward to meeting you very soon and getting to know you better. 

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