Magic Happens When You Listen to The Still Small Voice Inside

I was in a toxic relationship.

The person I was with was bleeding me dry, sucking the energy and lifeforce out of me.

My life felt like a was wading through glue. Nothing worked and my circumstances were spiralling out of control.

That's when my inner voice started to scream...

"If you don't do something different, you'll NEVER be able to live the life you desire." 

Something needed to be done.

Almost overnight I went from being all in on the relationship to being 100% emphatically OUT.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and with that ONE decision, everything changed.

The moment I severed my relationship things improved.

Life seemed rosier, things got easier, I felt more relaxed and happy and everything flowed. My business rapidly elevated. Clients and money rolled in with ease.

It made me realise just how insidious other people's drama can be. It bleeds into our lives like a silent killer, slowly eroding our dreams one treacherous step at a time and leaching away our happiness and the things that light us up. 

At last, I had the head space to take a look at my life objectively without being bogged down.

Laser-like clarity returned and I could see the shape of my dreams once more. Ideas and possibilities started to roll in. My enthusiasm for life returned and a fresh new chapter of my life lay open, ready for the taking.

It never ceases to amaze me how ONE seemingly small decision can change EVERYTHING. 

When we take a stand for our truth and our worth things shift quickly. When we step into the unknown the Universe magically rearranges itself and rises up to meet us in the most splendid way.

I'm a great believer in the idea that everything we need is already within us. So when we follow our truth - that still small voice inside - we're hardly ever off course.

I followed that truth, not really knowing where it would take me, and as if by magic the path unfolded before me in a way that was pure synchronicity.

Little did I know that the REAL magic hadn't even begun yet!




Posted on December 30, 2017 and filed under UK.