A business growth program with experienced mentorship, results-driven accountability, personalised coaching support, training on demand, and a community of driven, focused business owners.


The Momentum Program is NOT an online course. It is a get-into-action program focused on RESULTS. If you are someone who is not willing to implement - this is not for you!


This is for you if…

  • You are a coach, consultant, therapist or run another Service-Based business.

  • You want a focused results-based way to attract high-quality clients Predictably and consistently with less stress.

  • You want to turn your monthly income into your daily income and know exactly where to find clients that will pay your worth.

  • You want a simple, repeatable and powerful method for Scaling your business without the Never ending to-Do list & busy overwhelm.  





I understand that everyone requires a different level of support. that’s why I’ve designed this Program with the option of different levels of membership - Silver, Gold or Platinum - allowing you to get the support you need in a way that suits your financial budget.



Gold tier membership provides a weekly small group Mentoring/accountability Call. You also Receive 1 x 60-Minute Private Mentoring session with yours truly every month. I’ll Check On Your Progress, Help You Glide Through Blocks And Stay On Track So That You Can Rapidly Move Forward And Achieve Your Goal In The Shortest Time Possible. Group calls are held every monday at midday (UK). A replay is also available.


Results Happen When You Implement! That’s Why I’ll Be Right By Your Side every week In a Small group mentoring/accountability call. During this call you’ll Receive your own Personalised “Coaching Spot.” I make sure you’re on track, you can ask questions, plus I’ll support you through any mindset blocks. Plus you’ll learn as you listen to the other Members being mentored. These calls are held Every Monday at midday (UK). You’ll also receive a replay of each session.



In this option I work with you privately giving you unlimited access to my 12-years of business experience, supporting you every step of the way. I will be your ‘partner in crime’ for the full 90-days. we start the program with a virtual VIP day, Followed by a weekly mentoring session. I’m Also Happy To Jump On A Quick Call as and when you need it (During Business Hours) To Give You A Helping Hand And Share The Pearls Of Wisdom You Need To Get Motivated And Inspired For Action.




(all Tiers) my aim is for you to get results quickly. that’s why I’ll be supporting you weekly at either the Silver, Gold or Platinum level. I’ll ensure that you’re on track and reaching your weekly milestones. I run a strict “No Hiding” Policy. That means showing up, being committed to your success, doing the work, implementing and attending all of your calls - no excuses! ;)


(all Tiers) The Momentum Members Area Provides training on demand. This means that you can work through the program at a pace that’s convenient to you. Everything is laid out step-by-step in a repeatable system that you can use again and again to create predictable results in your business. It’s Packed Full Of virtual workshops, Audio Classes, videos and Done-For-You Materials.


(all Tiers) Surround yourself with other women who are on the same path as you. Get support, brainstorm, share ideas and celebrate your successes. This is also the place to post homework assignments for Review and feedback. Plus you can use the facebook group to ask me questions and get help between each weekly mentoring session.


(All Tiers) The Momentum Members Area is Packed Full Of Done-For-You Materials - Outlines, Checklists, Swipe files, Templates, Scripts, Videos and audio classes. This Will Cut Your Implementation Time In Half. Just Plug In the details for your specific business and Off You Go! I’ve literally done the work for you!



“I took my new business from idea to £10K+ within 90-days working from home - even with two children under 5!” 


"Working 1:1 With Victoria Was Exactly What I Needed To Launch My New Business. I Gained Total Clarity Over My Business Idea, Niche, offer, Pricing and the Marketing strategies I Needed To Attract The Right Clients.

I quickly Went From Dreams To profitability! Within the first 2-weeks I made £7K+, then Moved on to generate over £10K+ in just 90-days…more than 3 times the return on investment for the program.

I’ve been blown Away By How Much I Was Able To Achieve In Such A Short Amount Of Time With Victoria’s Guidance.

This was exactly what I needed to transition out of my job and have my business support me full time in a way that I love"

~ Katie Ekanayake, Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor



“Within 1 Month Of Working With Victoria I Went From Zero Clients To Generating Consistent Mid 4-Figure Months Working Just 2 Days A Week In My Business.” 


"Before Working With Victoria I Was Overwhelmed & Doing EVERYTHING To Market My Business. Victoria Helped Me To Simplify My Plan So That I Could FOCUS On The Things That Get Results.  

Within 30 Days I Had 3 New Clients. I Went From Haphazard Marketing And Fluctuating Income To Generating Consistent Mid 4-Figure Months Working Just Two Days A Week. I Can Now Relax Knowing That 1 In 4 People I Speak To Will Become A Client.

Working With Victoria Has Given Me An Amazing Return On Investment. My Business Is Now Fully Booked With A Waiting List! I Have Enough Income That I'm Able To Hire Someone To Do All The Things I Hate!

If You're Considering Working With Victoria, Don't Consider, Just DO IT!"

~ Sofie Pett-Sabine, Child Sleep Consultant


"Before I struggled to make £450 a month. Now I’ve generated £40K+ in six months."

"When I First Started Working With Victoria I Struggled to get people to buy my £47 Online membership program. Making a small amount of money felt like sUCH hard work. Worst still nobody did anything with the information and certainly didn’t get results!

With Victoria’s Guidance I quickly went from Being Broke to fully booked. Victoria worked with me on my money-mindset which helped me shift my business model from delivering online courses to one that offers Premium Packages that are focused on results.

Victoria taught me that Making money doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, I now work just 3 days a week in my business and still hit £5K Months using a simple strategy to bring clients into my world FAST!"

~Wendy Kier, Business Mentor



  • You're new in business. You want to leapfrog past the faulty business model of trading 'hours-for-pounds.' You want to lay down the RIGHT foundations for a rewarding and highly profitable business right from the get-go.

  • You already have a business. You're making some money, but you're caught up in the grind of too much work, not enough time. You’re ready to Scale so that you're turning your monthly income into your daily income without working harder.

  • You recognise that you’ve been playing small (under charging and over delivering). You know it's time to put yourself in the game and take your business to the next level.

  • You’re not expecting a ‘magic pill’ - You understand that running a business takes work and a no excuses approach. You are serious and committed to do what it takes to see results. You understand that success requires implementation and consistent steady action towards your goals Every day.




“From Undercharging And Over-Delivering To Confidently Knowing My Worth.”


“Before My Work With Victoria I Was Undercharging, Over-Delivering And My Patients Wouldn’t Follow Through Or Come Back For The Recommended Amount Of Appointments.

Victoria Helped Me To Lay Out My Work In A Systematic Way That Focused On Attracting Committed Patients That Get Results.

Fast Forward 90-Days And The Results Speak For Themselves. I’m Charging More, My Patients Stay The Course And Most Important Of All, They Are Experiencing Life-Changing Transformations.

I Couldn't Be Happier. Now I Really DO Feel That I’m Facilitating The Change I’m So Passionate About. Victoria, Thanks so much for all of your nurturing support.”

~ Dr. Sheila. Functional Medicine Doctor.


"Victoria Helped Me To Create An Entire Business Out Of Something That Was Just A Vision And A Passion. Fast Forward To Today I'm A Published Hay House Author" 


"Victoria Helped Me To Create An Entire Business Out Of Something That Was Just A Vision, Passion And Spiritual Revelation.

Victoria Helped Me Create My Signature System, Map Out My Programs & Create A Marketing Plan To Reach My Goals. 

My Work With Victoria Has Been Worth Every Second And Every Penny. She Helped Make My Dream A Reality. Fast Forward To Today And I'm A Published Hay House Author.

~ Jo Westwood, Author And Spiritual Life Coach




  • i Have 12+ years experience working with solo business owners, coaches, consultants, therapist and service-based professionals.

  • I have a reputation for getting rESULTS. My clients consistently experience Radical transformations and income Breakthroughs often within weeks of us working together.

  • I Went from being a broke lone parent living on Benefits (welfare) to generating £30K+ in 90-days.

  • I walk my talk. I’ve designed a profitable business that allows me to Travel the world consistently and live a Life of freedom, Fun and flexibility.

  • I homeschool my son whilst working just a few hours each day in my business - even as a lone parent!



Here are just some of the VERY REAL day-to-day results my clients are achieving…



momentum is a 90-day program. If you’re ready to make rEAL MOVEMENT on your business goals in the next 90-days and you’re serious, ready to DO the work and are committed to your business success, Let’s get you Enrolled…





Please be aware that the investment for the Silver, Gold and Platinum Tier of the Momentum Program will increase on Sunday 27th October.



>> 12 weekly Small Group Mentoring/Accountability Calls

>> access to private members area & full curriculum

>> Done-for-you materials

>> Assignments & materials feedback/review

>> Private (client only) facebook community

full-pay: £750 paid in full.

3-pay: £250 now, then 2 monthly Installments of £250.


>> 3 Monthly Private mentoring sessions with Victoria

>> 12 weekly Small Group Mentoring/Accountability Calls

>> access to private members area & full curriculum

>> Done-for-you materials

>> Assignments & materials feedback/review

>> Private (client only) facebook community

full-pay: £1,500 paid in full.

3-pay: £500 now, then 2 monthly Installments of £500.


>> unlimited access to victoria (during business hours)

>> 1 virtual VIP day with victoria

>> 11 week private mentoring sessions with victoria

>> unlimited email support and material reviews

>> access to private members area & full curriculum

>> Done-for-you materials

>> Private (client only) facebook community

full-pay: £3,000

3-pay: 3 monthly Installments of £1,000


How will Momentum help my business grow?

The Momentum program is designed to help you do just that - get into ‘momentum’ quickly, so that you can experience results Faster and get a great return on your investment in the shortest time possible. Everything is laid out step-by-step so that you’re implementing consistently and creating new profitable habits that support your business growth. The momentum method is also a system that you can rinse and repeat. Use it over and over again to create quick injections of cash. Plus When used consistently every single month it will scale your business in a way that feels manageable without adding more unnecessary work to your to-do list.

I’m Busy. Will Momentum Still work for me?

The Momentum program has been designed with the busiest people in mind. Both myself and my clients have built our businesses around other work and family commitments. In fact, many of my clients have chosen to cut back their working hours because they now have the financial security to do so. My goal is not to give you MORE work, but to streamline and simplify your daily activities in a more effective and strategic way so that you’re ONLY working on the things that bring results quickly. My recommendation is to Prioritise your weekly mentoring calls and block out an hour a day, five days a week for implementation.

How Long will it take for me to start seeing results?

That really depends upon YOU, your goals and your Commitment level! I’ve had clients who set the intention to experience results quickly and made £7K+ in two weeks. Others choose to work at a more steady pace. The great news is that the Momentum Method is design so that you can learn and implement at a pace that feels good to you. Most important of all, I’m there right by your side ever week to ensure that you’ve Maximising your efforts no matter what your stage of development.

Will I recoup My investment in the program?

My stipulation for working with clients is simple. I Expect My Clients To Be 100% Committed To Their Success And Be Willing To Take Action And Implement. No Flaking Out, No Excuses Or ‘Poor Me’ Stories. I take your investment VERY Seriously. in fact, my reputation is built upon YOU getting results and making money. It is in my interest to do aLL that I can to help you get those results. The questions is, are you willing to take action and do what’s required to get that return on investment?

How do I know if the momentum method is right for me?

This is for you if you’re a coach, consultant, therapist, holistic practitioner or another service-based women entrepreneur. It is also right for you if you’re looking to master a simple, repeatable, and powerful method for Scaling your business and elevating your income without the busy overwhelm. I take the raw materials you already have and turn them into Profit. What I need from you is your 100% commitment to your business and to follow through on the systems I’ll teach you.

What is your “Do Not fail” policy?

My intention is for you to experience results and to be a super happy client. That’s why I’ve created numerous structures to ensure that you have the help and accountability you need, when you need it. However, I can’t DO the work for you. That’s your responsibility. That’s why I run a strict “no hiding” policy! I will be keeping a close check on your progress to ensure that you’re implementing and reaching specific milestones. I will also be asking you to post your homework assignments so that I can actually see that you’re dOING the work.

What if I can’t attend the weekly mentoring calls?

do ALL that you can to attend the weekly Private/group Mentoring calls. This is where I’m best able to support you. However, if you absolutely cannot attend the live call, I invite you to make a post in our private (client only) facebook group sharing your progress. That way I can answer your questions and give you personalised advice and recommendations on the live mentoring call so that you can listen to the replay.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will be coaching with me for 90-days. During that 3-month period you will have full access to the mentoring/accountability calls associated to your specific tier of Membership (Silver, Gold or Platinum). You will also have full access to the private members area during this time. Plus you can download all of the virtual workshops and done-for-you materials so that you can listen again and again and deepen your learning... it's all there for YOU! You’ll also have indefinite access to the private (client only) facebook group.

What if I want more one-on-one support from Victoria?

No worries, I’ve got that covered. I understand that you may be desperate to start seeing results in your business NOW. In which case, here’s what I recommend. Get started with the tier of support (sliver, gold or platinum) and investment that feels like a fit for you. Then, if you need to, you can upgrade the the next tier of membership in order to Receive more personalised one-on-one support from yours truly.