"Within One Month of working with Victoria I was able to double my well paid corporate salary" 

"Working 1:1 with victoria was exactly what I needed to launch my business. I gained total clarity over my business idea, niche, marketing and sales I needed to become visible and attract the right kind of clients.

Within a few weeks, I went from dreams and doubts to a thriving business and confidence in my offering. I was blown away by how much I was able to achieve in such a short amount of time with her guidance.

Within my first month of business, I far exceeded my corporate salary (despite being in a well paid city job). I’m so glad I went for it as could not have done it without her – my only regret is not working with her sooner!"

~ Alexa Brown, business coach



"within 12 months I realised my dream of living a location independent lifestyle. I also filled my online course, 1:1 consultancy & sold out my international retreat TWICE!"


"Victoria Gave me the practical steps to create a completely location independent business. I now live part time in Antigua & part-time in the UK. Victoria also helped me to fill my sold out International retreat TWICE, as well as my online course and 1:1 consultancy. I'm a massive champion of victoria's work. it works. It gets results & I couldn't be more happy!"

~ Kat Byles, PR & Creativity Consultant



"I went from selling single sessions to generating £16,500 from my new premium packages."


"When I first started working with Victoria I had a few clients that were paying me £60 per session. These clients would do a short course of sessions then disappear. I was also trying to fill a webinar course that nobody wanted to take.

Victoria helped me create my premium packages and with her guidance I sold 5 VIP Days for £1,500 in the last weeks of December. By the end of January I enrolled another 3 clients into my 6-month package at £3,000 each directly from an invitation only live event."

~Jessica Jones, business coach



within 1 month of working with victoria I went from zero clients to generating consistent mid 4-figure months working just 2 days a week in my business. 

"Before working with Victoria I was Overwhelmed & doing eVERYTHING to market my business. Victoria helped me to simplify my plan so that I could FOCUS on the things that get results.  

Within 30 days I had 3 new clients. I went from haphazard marketing and fluctuating income to generating consistent mid 4-figure months working just two days a week. I can now relax knowing that 1 in 4 people I speak to will become a client.

Working with Victoria has given me an amazing return on investment. My business is now fully booked with a waiting list! I have enough income that I'm able to hire someone to do all the things I hate!

If you're considering working with Victoria, don't consider, just DO IT!"

~ Sofie Pett-Sabine, Child Sleep Consultant



"Victoria helped me to create an entire business out of something that was just a vision and a passion. fast forward to today I'm a published hay house author" 

"Victoria helped me to create an entire business out of something that was just a vision, passion and spiritual revelation.

Victoria helped me create my signature system, map out my programs & create a marketing plan to reach my goals. 

My work with Victoria has been worth every second and every penny. She helped make my dream a Reality. Fast forward to today and I'm a Published hay house Author.

~ Jo Westwood, Author and spiritual life coach



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